Welcome to “My Perfect Birmingham Saturday,” a column where About Town asks Birmingham residents from different walks of life how they would spend a Saturday in the Magic City if they had it their way (and COVID notwithstanding). 

This Saturday was planned by Emily Lassiter, cofounder of The Wealth Edit, an online, membership-based community for women looking to confidently discuss and expand their knowledge of personal finance. It’s a community Lassiter founded with cofounder Lauren Pearson that provides a space for women of all ages to gather, learn, and plan their financial journey through virtual courses, weekly guest speakers, and educational content – and allow members of The Wealth Edit to have financial resources to enjoy their own perfect Birmingham Saturday whenever they want to.


Read on to learn how Emily would plan her day.

When I wake up, I enjoy a cup of coffee and a few quiet minutes to immerse myself in my book. I love to read and get so excited to have a few minutes to just enjoy. I love to read hardback books, and I get them at the O’Neal Public Library whenever I can!


After that, I’ll head out on a walk on Jemison Trail with my puppy Pippa, a 10-month-old Havapoo. When I arrive back at home, I’ll knock out a few projects around the house. I have been working on a cutting garden in my backyard with the help of Blue Rooster Farms; I love all the tips from 1818 Farms YouTube channel.  


Once I am finished, hopefully my girls are awake, and we will get ready to head out to lunch. My new favorite place is Greenhouse in Homewood – truly the best salads I have ever had, with a chocolate chip cookie that is not to be missed!

After lunch I’ll head to Canterbury Nails to get a pedicure with a friend and then pop over to Trader Joe’s, where I’ll stock up for the week ahead. I never leave without at least two bunches of fresh flowers!

As the afternoon winds down, I love a few minutes to just relax and catch up on emails and plan my week ahead. With two teenage daughters there is always some task we need to knock out, and I love when we can proactively check something off the list to keep the weekdays from being too hectic.


After that’s done, I’ll head to Chez Fon Fon with friends for dinner to wrap up my day.


– As told to Rachel Burchfield

Photo: The Wealth Edit