Welcome to “My Perfect Birmingham Saturday,” a column where About Town asks Birmingham residents from different walks of life how they would spend a Saturday in the Magic City if they had it their way (and COVID notwithstanding).


This Saturday was planned by Lauren Pearson, cofounder of The Wealth Edit, an online, membership-based community for women looking to confidently discuss and expand their knowledge of personal finance. It’s a community Pearson founded with cofounder Emily Lassiter, and earlier this year The Wealth Edit won Alabama Launchpad and a $50,000 investment. Pearson and husband Andrew relocated to the Magic City a decade ago when Andrew was called to minister here. “I have lived in Birmingham 10 years, which is the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere,” she said. “I guess that makes it home.” Here’s how she would plan her perfect Saturday.

We have two preteen girls (Lily is 12 and Mary Cabell is 10; the youngest, Ware, is 8), so we’re kind of the sleep-in family. We’ll first get out of the house around 10 and have coffee at home before.


The kids like to go to Hero Doughnuts; my favorite is Continental Bakery, so I’d go there. Then I’ll probably take a walk with a friend and try to hit the 12 o’clock class with Pilar at Yoga Lab downtown. It’s my favorite thing to do on a Saturday when I’m able to do that.


Then I would probably stop by Shoppe. I love to garden and mess with plants all the time, especially outside plants. I would go by Shoppe and see what they have; I love that and Wild Things. Those are my two favorite places to go to look for plants and odds and ends. Then I would probably go with my daughters on a walk on the trail in Mountain Brook. We often go there in the afternoons and just walk the parkway.


I’d love to go on a date with my husband – it doesn’t happen very much because we’re so busy. We would ideally go to Chez Fonfon, which is my favorite, and then if we’re really in an ideal world, I’d meet some girlfriends for a drink at Queen’s Park. They have the best drinks; it’s a little bar downtown. It has a good vibe. If we ever go to a bar it’s usually that one – we’re not big bar people, but it’s really fun to get done with dinner early and the kids aren’t in bed yet, and I have a sitter, so I’d better make the most of it – so I’ll have a drink. I’m really into the things on their menu.


– As told to Rachel Burchfield