Everyone wants to feel good about their body, but we don’t necessarily want to do anything too drastic to alter the parts of us we do love. At the same time, thousands of obstacles seem to occur each day that prevent us from working on achieving the perfect body we desire. This is on the mind more than ever as summer is arriving and we head for the beaches, lakes, and swimming pools. Fortunately for us it is the year 2022 and there are fast, stress-free solutions like Phsiq that make it easy to take our body to the next level. This unique treatment option combines heat and energy to tighten skin and tone muscles while reducing fat in the body. We take a closer look with Gunn Dermatology.


PHYSIQ is a muscle-building, fat-reducing, and skin-tightening device. PHYSIQ body contouring uses a combination of heat and energy to reduce fat, tighten skin and tone muscle, and get your body to that “next level.” PHYSIQ is the perfect solution for naturally fit individuals looking for increased muscle definition.

PHYSIQ targets problem areas for optimal, natural-looking results with no downtime.

This easy solution only requires 30 minutes to 3 hours per session, depending on the number of treatment areas chosen to be worked on. The initial series recommendation is 5 treatments every two weeks. This is a painless process that doesn’t require any downtime, and there isn’t any recovery time required to heal after. Results are seen immediately and provide a long-lasting solution. This is theperfect for those looking for an extra body boost before hitting getting outside to enjoy the summer weather.

Physiq is the only device in the United States to utilize STEP (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) technology. This means that both EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and a Superluminescent Diode Matrix (SDM) laser to build the user’s muscles up. While that may sound complicated, it is a super easy experience that translates to a comfortable and very simple process for those who select this treatment option. Physiq can be used to target practically any area on the body. Abs, arms, legs, inner and outer thighs, banana rolls, buttocks, and flanks are all popular options. 

Physiq is open to anyone who wants to feel and look stronger, and often brings a rejuvenated feeling in the body immediately following treatment. In addition to making us look better, it stimulates the body and makes us feel like we just completed a dedicated workout.

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