There’s a lot to look forward to in Birmingham for the rest of 2021 now that things are getting back to normal. That is welcome news to service organizations in Birmingham who rely on fundraisers and events to further their missions.  We asked some of our favorite children’s organizations what they love about Birmingham and what they’re most excited about.  We think you’ll agree!

Jane Lamb, Program Director, The Bell Center


I am most excited about the Mercedes Marathon 2022.  We will have Bell Runners and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the race.


If I had an out of town guest, I would bring them to The Bell Center to see our amazing new building.


When I need inspiration I like to visit Red Mountain Park.

Cinnamon rolls from Rolls Homewood is the best food I have eaten recently in Birmingham.


Birmingham’s BEST kept secret is the summer produce stand in the parking lot of Trinity United Methodist Church. 



“I get to come to work everyday at the best place ever.  The Bell Center staff is made of a group of women who pour their hearts into serving babies and children with special needs.  The support and encouragement given to families of these children is often life changing.  Parents often show up unsure of what the future holds for their child.  On a daily basis I get to see therapists and families celebrate big and small accomplishments of a child.  What a blessing to be a small part of this process!”

Sara Nall, Executive Director, Mitchell’s Place 


I am most excited about the new Protective Life Stadium!  It is going to be another catalyst for our city. 


If I had an out of town guest coming to Birmingham, I would take them to The Club, The Atomic, Highlands Bar and Grill, and Oven Bird.


When I need inspiration I like to visit Railroad Park and The Rotary Trail.  They were both transformational in the revitalization of Birmingham.

Le Fresca is the best place I’ve eaten recently in Birmingham, and the Campesino Coconut Mojito from Craft’s on Church Street is the best drink I have recently tried.


Birmingham’s BEST kept secret is Red Mountain Park.  I go monthly and love it!


“We are excited to share that Mitchell’s Place is expanding! In order to serve all families on the autism spectrum and relieve our waitlist, we have leased space on Arlington Avenue in Southside. It will open May 17th and will operate as an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Outpatient clinic, for now. Mitchell’s Place is hopeful to add other services in the near future. As we are able to offer more services, we let families involved know. 


Mitchell’s Place is overjoyed to spread our wings and serve more families! The new location allows Mitchell’s Place to expand and grow at a manageable pace. The new location will be called MP Southside. We will actually share a parking lot with Triumph Services, Inc. which serves teenagers and adults with autism with employment and life skills.” 

Lella Carl Hamiter, Executive Director, Preschool Partners


I’m most excited about everything returning to normal and travelling again!


If I had an out of town guest coming to Birmingham, I would take them to Bottega or Dyron’s.

When I need inspiration I like to visit one of the classrooms at PreSchool Partners and play with the kiddos. It always brightens my mood and reminds me why I love my job!


Bocca is the best place I’ve eaten at recently in Birmingham.


Birmingham’s BEST kept secret is the Garage. I love to play cards with my friends while enjoying the best sandwiches in town!


“The best thing happening at PreSchool Partners is that we’ve just graduated our 26th class of four-year-olds and are sending them off to kindergarten ready for success. We’re also excited that our College Scholarship Program is flourishing. Five years ago, we awarded our first college scholarship to one of our former students from the PreSchool Partners Class of 2003, and she just graduated from UAB with a degree in nursing. We have 3 other PSP graduates who have received a PreSchool Partners College Scholarship.  They are all excelling at their universities and it is incredibly rewarding to see our students thrive not only in elementary school, but in college as well.”

Bruce Hooper, Chief Executive Officer, Smile-A-Mile


I’m most excited about getting back to Regions Field for a Barons game (preferably a Thirsty Thursday!)


If I had an out of town guest coming to Birmingham, I would take them to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute


When I need inspiration I like to take a walk at Railroad Park 


Grilled grouper in lemon oil from Le’ Fresca is the best thing I’ve eaten recently in Birmingham.

Birmingham’s BEST kept secret is the Parkside District—so much going on!


“Unfortunately, pediatric cancer did not stop during the pandemic. About 250 children in Alabama have been diagnosed or relapsed with cancer during this already incredibly uncertain time. In 2020 and 2021, Smile-A-Mile has been more focused than ever in reaching the 1500+ families across Alabama we serve. Whether it be virtual, hybrid or in-person, we have expanded the depth and breadth of our programming to fulfill our mission to provide hope, healing of the spirit and love to families going through the childhood cancer journey. Hope is Never Cancelled!”

Leisa Smith, President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama

I’m most excited about our Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama's 120th Year Anniversary Celebration on August 12th at The Club, Inc.  As our community reopens & recovers from COVID, I am reminded that the Boys & Girls Club has already made it through one pandemic...and we are making it through this one too!

If I had an out of town guest coming to Birmingham, I would take them to the top 10 attractions of the area starting with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

When I need inspiration I like to visit Oak Mountain State Park - a great getaway in our own backyard, which nourishes the mind and inspires the soul.

BBQ is the best thing I’ve eaten recently in Birmingham.  As a transplant from North Carolina where BBQ literally splits the state, Birmingham offers many comparable & wonderful BBQ places to explore & enjoy!

Birmingham’s BEST kept secret is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama, as I say with a smile!  It amazes me how many people don't know about the Boys & Girls Club and it's rich history in making a difference in multiple generations of children's lives within the community.

“This year, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama celebrates 120 years of service to thousands of youth across Central Alabama.  As we look back over our history, we are excited about our legacy of being a beacon of hope for our community and the flexibility our organization has shown to combat the effects of the most recent pandemic. 

In the past year alone: we have modified our programs and services to provide full-day emergency childcare for families, provided technology and internet access to support distance learning, and provided weekly food distribution for hundreds of families. In short, people rely on us, and we remain focused on providing the support needed to ensure that our families are successful!”