Located at 2212 Morris Avenue in Birmingham’s historic district, the artwork within Scott Miller’s present collection has only added to the charm and growing social appeal of this iconic street. Situated amongst many other newly established, trendy local businesses on the ground floor of the Mercantile on Morris building, Scott Miller only recently opened his gallery in June 2021. I decided to speak to Scott Miller himself about his present collection, and I was delighted to find him spending time talking to other Birmingham locals in the sun outside his gallery.


When asked about his experience so far within the artistic scene, Miller shared that “I have been involved with the art world for so long and in so many different forms.” From being involved in leading studio tours and art related travel for both collectors and students, steadily building his own collection and being involved with placing work in public and private institutional collections in places such as the U.S., Europe, and Canada, it is obvious that Miller’s artistic knowledge makes him more than qualified for the opening of his own gallery.


Looking around his newest collection, despite displaying pieces from multiple different artists with their own individual skills and compositions, it’s hard to ignore how well Miller’s chosen artworks fit together to create one collection. When I enquired about the process behind this united front, Miller shared that,  “I originally collected these works for their own individual qualities, but after placing them together, it was hard not to see how well their vibrant color palettes fit as one exhibit. You could almost think they all belonged to one artist.” That seems to be the very reason Miller’s eye for collecting, arranging, and showing beautiful art seems to be so special though. They draw you in as a collection, before allowing you to view the striking and very different qualities and subject matter of each artist’s own individual work.


So, what’s on display now and what’s next?

Scott Miller has shown pieces from artists like Roscoe Hall, Clark Derbes, and Ross Taylor. Deborah Brown’s work immediately caught my eye, and when I asked Miller to explain a little about her work, he was enthusiastic to share that, “Brown’s work shows the shadow of herself as she walks her dog during the pandemic. There are things around her and yet there is a feeling that she is all alone.” Miller is keen to collect art which speaks to both current and past world events that we as the viewer can relate to on a very personal level. “Our next opening will be on January 6 and I’m delighted to say that Scott Miller Projects will be presenting Paul Kremer’s ‘Pink Pools,'" he said. "Kremer’s work is not to be missed and it will be a great night of fun all around.”


Scott Miller is really bringing a refreshingly enthusiastic outlook to the already very present artistic scene in central Birmingham, and his understanding of how to have great relationships with his artists is reflected in his knowledge and enthusiasm concerning the work he chooses to display. For art lovers everywhere, January 6 is certainly not a night to be missed.