One of Birmingham’s most celebrated events is back in full force this weekend! The 24th Annual Lebanese Food and Cultural Festival returns to St. Elias Maronite Catholic Church this weekend, which means a whole lot of great food and fun activities for residents of the Magic City. On April 29th and 30th, this free event will bring homemade Lebanese meals, desserts, live music, dance, a Silent Auction, and even a Fun Run! 

This year’s menu is full of heavy hitters like The Beirut Classic, which is a Deluxe Baked Kibbee Plate featuring grape leaves, spinach pie, rice, green beans (loobia), and pita bread. The Djaj Mishwi (Grilled Chicken Plate), Meat Pie Plate, Spinach Pie Plate, Baked Kibbee Sandwich, Falafel Sandwich, Lebanese salad (salata), and even the famous Lebanese doughnut (Zlaybah) and ice cream all compete for attention on this thrilling food lineup. Other desserts include kaak and traditional pastries like Baklawa, Cashew Finger, Mamoul, Bird’s Nest, Burma, and Harrissi. 

A Bread Station will also be available, and is guaranteed to be a favorite amongst Birminghamians. Traditional Flat Bread, Sweet Bread, Zhatar Bread, and Flat Bread with Labnch and Mint will all be available. While food is the main attraction for the weekend, it’s far from all that’s available to enjoy. Unique merchandise like cookbooks, coin belt skirts, and commemorative pins will all be available

The Amin Sultan Lebanese Band will be playing both nights from 6 to 9:30pm, and there will be traditional dance displays Friday at 6pm and Saturday beginning at 12:30pm. A Silent Auction held at the church begins Friday and remains open until Saturday at 7pm. There are also two more athletic opportunities to enjoy the festival, with the Saint Elias Cedar Run 5K starting on Saturday at 8am immediately followed by Cedar Shake Fun Run at 9am. The races both raise money for Just Keep Smiling, an organization that helps Alabama families with children in medical crises. 

24 years later, the St. Elias Maronite Catholic Church’s Lebanese Food and Cultural Festival is still bringing the city together for the perfect weekend of food, dance, and community. We hope everyone is able to take in some wonderful Birmingham moments at the festivities! 

Image from St. Elias Lebanese Food and Cultural Festival