Everything is interesting when you’re trying not to get distracted. The news, the computer, the great outdoors, and of course memes. Sure it has always been this way, but the distractions get taken up to a whole new level with each new technological advancement. It was hard enough for our grandparents to get their work done with their favorite radio program playing, but now we have Snapchat filters and Tik Tok dances to fight for the occupation of our minds as well. Even with these new developments, there are tried and true methods that allow us to keep a longer attention span and get the job done. 

Take Note Of What’s Distracting You

Green Day said it best, “Do you know your enemy?” How else do you plan to improve your attention span if you don’t know your biggest distractions? One of the biggest thought occupiers in the technological age is the notifications that we get on our phones. We can work to improve these conditions before we start our focusing session. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” and out of sight. A dedicated playlist or calming sounds playing in the background are good ways to utilize your technology while not being glued to the screen. 

Take Breaks

As much as we tune out all of our distractions, we can’t make them disappear - and that’s perfectly fine. Taking a couple of minutes for ourselves after every 15-20 minutes of studying or work is a good way to stay true to our responsibilities while still giving our brain the relaxation it needs. Rest is an important part of achieving our goals. This applies to mental breaks just as much as anything else.

Read A Book

Now why would I, your friendly neighborhood advice-giving writer, tell you to distract yourself from work by reading a book in an article on how to increase your attention span? Studies have shown that our computer and phone screens don’t capture our attention quite like an old-fashioned physical book. Even with all the hecticness of the workday, taking 20 minutes to sit down and slowly read some pages from something that interests us can help us hone in our focus for the day.

Healthy Habits 

The habits that we make outside of our work schedule will follow us into this most sacred time when we need to focus. If you are looking at your phone every 5 minutes you’re able to during the day, you are going to seek that same gratification later. Be mindful of your time looking at technology compared to time away from them. 

Technology is here to stay, and that’s not a bad thing. We just have to stay focused! There will always be distractions as we move towards this exciting new future, but basic principles will guide us through them every time. 

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