While this winter hasn’t always been the coldest in Alabama history, it has certainly brought sickness with it! It seems like everybody has dealt with a nasty flu or stomach bug over the last couple of months. While the odds of sickness do increase during this season, there are plenty of things we can do to help our immune system take on these pesky problems. This isn’t a one-sided ball game. We can bring offense to the table to help defend ourselves - we just have to be properly informed of the best ways to do so. 

Wash Hands Properly 

Hands are pretty darn great, aren’t they? They are the first part of our body to touch many things. Door knobs, food, handshakes, trash, and everything in between tend to come across our hands every day. We also tend to touch our face throughout the day - which can lead to sickness if we aren’t thoroughly washing our hands. It’s recommended to get at least a good 20-second scrubbing each time you commit to this clean act (which should be often and before meals). 

Focus On Vitamins 

The old saying tells us that dogs are among man’s best friends, but did you know they share that title with a much smaller ally? Vitamins have our back when we are up and when we are down. All we have to do is welcome them into our lives. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc are three of the best resources to turn to during the winter seasons. 

Take Care Of Yourself

The little ways that we treat ourselves throughout the day have a very big impact on our overall health. This is especially true during the colder season when mental and physical health is more sensitive than usual. Getting enough sleep, managing our stress, brushing our teeth, and exercising are all daily things to focus on to improve your general well-being.

We can’t stop the sick seasons from approaching, but we can control how we prepare to take them on. Embrace the things that make us feel better, and we will celebrate with high-fives in the warmness of the spring. 

Cover image from Matthias Cooper