Sunburned? If so, you’re not alone. Alabama is one of the most sunburned states in the country!


  • So, it’s not surprising that Hawaii turned up first as being the most sunburned state. After all, there are endless things to do there that all require you to be outside. Surfing, hiking, swimming, visiting a volcano, climbing a coconut tree. All outside.
  • And, again, it’s no surprise that Alaska came in last. The only type of burn that may be common there is if you get too close to the fireplace.
  • Now, something that is surprising is that California was 2 spots away from being in the least sunburned state. You would think with the beaches that everyone would be out enjoying themselves and getting sunburned. But maybe it’s not that everyone stayed inside last week. Maybe instead it’s that most everyone in California knows to wear sunscreen. A tip of the hat to Californians.
  • After Hawaii, South Carolina and Florida tied for being the second most sunburned states. With Florida being the Sunshine State, we were surprised it wasn’t first on the list.

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