The Sixth Sense, Psycho, Casablanca, Lost in Translation... we know, they’re all great, but here’s our current and ever-changing list of great movie endings. For more movie ending antics with Rachel & Corey check out episode #66 of the official Sidewalk Podcast, SIDETALKS: on Spotify or

10.   JAWS (1975) Steven Spielberg

“Smile, you son of a—” shouts Chief Brody (Roy Scheider), and with one final lucky shot, he hits the compressed air tank in the mouth of the killer great white shark currently rushing his way. Boom! The shark explodes, the threat is vanquished, and audiences everywhere burst into spontaneous applause — because no matter how many times you see it, Spielberg’s ultimate summer blockbuster has never been bested for pure entertainment, up to its deeply satisfying explosive conclusion. – Corey

9.   AMERICAN BEAUTY (1999) Sam Mendes

Yes, the film is problematic (perhaps debatable) and in recent years critics have retracted their love for the movie. But, while it might not fully redeem AMERICAN BEAUTY, I stand that the film’s ending, albeit very, very dramatic, contains one of the most universally breathtaking landings of all time; the last line in particular.  – Rachel

8.   THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez

While now overshadowed and watered down by parodies and copycats, upon its release THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was extremely innovative and exciting. Such is in large part thanks to its unforgettable, straight-up jaw dropper of an ending - especially fun for anyone who had the good fortune of catching it on the big screen during its theatrical run. This one goes down fast so don’t look away or you’ll miss it. – Rachel

7.   A SERIOUS MAN (2009) — dir. Joel and Ethan Coen

The Coen brothers have a thing for non-endings — sudden cuts to the credits that make you think “that’s it?” — but none is more powerful than the ending to their 2009 dark comedy about a modern Job figure (Michael Stulhbarg) whose life is spinning out of control. Is it because he has done something wrong and deserves punishment? Is it because the universe is cruel and random? The ending doesn’t answer these questions, but instead further afflicts his family as a fearsome tornado whirls through in the final seconds. Cut to black. – Corey

6.   SAY ANYTHING (1989) Cameron Crowe

Speaking of THE GRADUATE (which you will find further down the list)... The ending of SAY ANYTHING is a self-aware and thoroughly more cheery response to the famous “We won! what?” ending of THE GRADUATE. It simultaneously presents homage and retort vibes and yet stands as a great ending even without the cinematic knowledge required to enjoy it fully. Considering such, SAY ANYTHING and THE GRADUATE make for a great double feature.– Rachel

5.   CITY LIGHTS (1931) Charles Chaplin

The best of Chaplin’s Little Tramp comedies is 1931’s beautiful romantic comedy CITY LIGHTS, in which our silent comedic hero befriends a drunken suicidal millionaire and falls in love with a blind flower girl. At the film’s end, the Tramp goes to prison, having been accused of stealing the money he gave to the girl for a vision-restoring surgery. His reunion with her upon his release — and her realization that her benefactor was not who she thought — culminates in one of the most emotionally potent final shots in cinema history. – Corey

4.   BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997) Paul Thomas Anderson

Yeah, I’m going there. One of the most provocative movie endings of all time! If you somehow haven’t seen BOOGIE NIGHTS try and guess how it ends: the film is a look at the porn industry of the 1970s and ‘80s as it was impacted by the move from film to video and a profile of particularly well-endowed star Dirk Diggler, played by Marky Mark Wahlberg. Spoiler (on multiple levels): It’s a prosthetic. – Rachel

3.   BEAU TRAVAIL (1999) Claire Denis

Claire Denis’ masterpiece transposes Herman Melville’s novella “Billy Budd, Sailor” to the deserts of Djibouti, as a French Foreign Legion officer (Denis Lavant) grows envious of a handsome new recruit (Gregoire Colin). The film traces his tragic downfall as his jealousy — and possibly a repressed attraction — ruins his beloved career. How else would it conclude but with a whirling dance sequence to Corona’s “The Rhythm of the Night” in a nightclub? It’s one of the most breathtaking endings of all time. – Corey

2.   THE FLORIDA PROJECT (2017) Sean Baker

Shot on location at the Magic Castle Inn and Suites in Orlando, THE FLORIDA PROJECT is steeped in subtext and the emotion-charged ending contributes heavily to such. Semi-spoiler: While the majority of the film was shot on glorious 35mm, in order to crash Disney, the bold middle-finger ending was shot with a micro crew using an iPhone 6S Plus phone. – Rachel

1.   THE GRADUATE (1967) Mike Nichols

No surprise here! The single greatest “We won! what?” ending of all time, aimless graduate Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) has just ruined the wedding of Elaine Robinson (Katharine Ross), his true love — and the daughter of the married woman (Anne Bancroft) he’s idly been having an affair with. Fighting away her family, the two dart onto a public bus, and sitting in the back, their victorious smiles slowly fade to ennui as Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” plays on the soundtrack. – Corey

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