A new study by showers and bathroom suppliers Showerstoyou.co.uk has looked into where we spend our tearful moments and what music we listen to most when we’re crying! After surveying 57,000 people from around the world (a pool of 1,000 respondents in 57 countries) and trawling through nearly 10,000 songs from Spotify’s playlists the results were staggering!

Some of the key findings include:

  • The place people love to cry the most is in the shower with 74% of people saying they save their sobs for the bathroom
  • The artist people cry to the most is XXXTENTACION with 130 citations across all playlists
  • Justin Bieber ranks last as the least popular artist to cry to with only 20 mentions
  • The most popular song to cry to is Jealous by Labrinth appearing 26 times across five playlists
  • Falling by Harry Styles is the least popular song to cry to cited 17 times across all playlists