As life slowly begins to return to normal, we're all thinking about our next journey. However, when we're heading out to travel on a summer holiday or just taking the morning commute, we've probably never stopped to notice our surroundings when bustling through a busy train station.

After spending so much time at home, Trainline have analyzed the world's most visually beautiful stations around the world, using instagram data, the number of sculptures and pieces of artwork to showcase how incredible they really are.

  • Grand Central Station, New York is the most instagrammed train station in the world, with a staggering 339116 posts, followed by Prospekt Mira Station in Moscow Russia, which you can see here.
Image via Grand Central Station Instagram
Image Via Prospekt Mira Station Instagram
  • When it comes to sculptures, Milano Centrale includes many fascinating works, including  breathtaking sculptures of Pegasuses, nude reliefs and animals.
Image via Milano Centrale Instagram

To see a full breakdown of the study, and to filter by country, take a look here.