Home is our place of comfort. It’s where we rest, eat, and gather ourselves before going out to take on the world. In our homely headquarters, there is one room (or two or three depending on your house) that is the most crucial to our gathering of selves - the bathroom. It’s where we rinse the stress off of us while having deep shower thoughts. It’s where we make our teeth all shiny and treat our gums right. Rumor has it - it’s even where we go to the bathroom. Since this room is so important, it’s even more important that we treat it with the respect it deserves. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. A better bathroom means a better life for you. Plenty of people have taken this effort seriously in 2023, and the good people at Showerstoyou have helped identify the top 5 trends thanks to a Pinterest study.

1) Nature Inspired Bathrooms

You may not be aware, but this writer is among those who have received the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. I learned many important things during that time: how to tie rope, how to apply first aid, to not accidentally drink lake water. But the most important lesson was “Nature is the finest bathroom.” Since my time in the scouts people have grown more crafty, and the top trend for bathrooms is to bring nature inspiration inside. Botanical wallpapers, warm earthy tones, soft greens, and wood paneling can help create this trending experience. 

2) Bathrooms As Living Rooms

We have been talking about how bathrooms are a place of comfort, but most people may associate the living room as the most comfy location in the house. Trend #2 helps merge the two, as it brings living room characteristics to the bathroom. Bathroom draperies and freestanding bathtubs are two ways that people accomplish this task.

 3) Marble Bathrooms

Marble has always been something of a trend because it goes so well with practically every design. The confidence continues in 2023 as marble bathrooms come in at #3 on the list of most popular designs. 

4) Minimalist Bathrooms

“Less is more.” We’ve all heard it. Rooms that are less crowded can bring more peaceful vibes to those who frequent them. You can see why this would be a desired trait for a bathroom, which is why it comes in at #4 on the list. Clear your bathroom, clear your stress, and enjoy your bathroom.

5) Tiled Walls

It’s tried and true - tiled walls are a great way to update the look of your bathroom. There’s nothing better to keep you distracted when your phone dies than counting the various tiles on the wall, and there are many fun directions you can go with this #5 trend. 

Cover image from Pixel-Shot