2020 has brought unprecedented challenges across every aspect of life and work worldwide. Incredible people have risen to the challenge—pivoting, reinventing, reimagining and working harder than ever before. Birmingham’s non-profit leaders transformed annual galas into virtual gatherings, transitioned runs into races for runners to complete on their own time, and innovated new ways to raise funds and provide services to those in need throughout the Magic City. We asked our nonprofit partners to nominate the volunteers who helped them get through this year. We are proud to spotlight some of the individuals who played integral roles as Birmingham’s 2020 Trailblazers.

Name: Layne Held

Work: ServisFirst Bank

Charity: Magic Moments

Motivation: I helped organize a party shortly after college with one of my friends, and his sister worked at Children's. He told me about Magic Moments so we decided to charge a cover fee and donate the proceeds. I was then introduced to this organization. It's a special feeling to be able to help children with chronic, life-threatening diseases turn dreams into realities. I get to see that every day with the work of Magic Moments.

What I Gained from 2020: This year has forced us all to adapt in a way we could never imagine. Nonprofits had to retool offerings and alter the way they program to accomplish their missions. Businesses had to rethink how they provide a safe environment for their employees while continuing to serve their clients. Families had to effectively home-school children and find creative ways to engage. It's been challenging for everyone, but hopefully it will make us all stronger.

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