Ken Webb and Urban Fabric have been bringing the people of Birmingham joy through dance music for a while now and continue to bring the good times tonight, March 24th, at Paper Doll with Disco Opulence. This event will be centered around Disco-themed house music, making it a must for those looking to put their dancing shoes on tonight. We were able to sit down with Ken to learn more about tonight’s show, which starts at 9pm and will feature genres like House Music, Tech House, Soulful House, and Nu Disco. 

How long have you been DJing and supporting the dance music scene in Birmingham? 

I bought my first pair of turntables in 1993 and have been DJing ever since. 

What does it mean to you to be hosting these events in the city?

I love Birmingham. It’s my city. I was born in Birmingham! Hosting events here is always fun and these days I think a lot of people are into dance music now more than ever!

Can you tell us more about your setlist and if anyone else will be performing?

This event tonight Disco Opulence will be my first time to DJ in almost five years so I plan on taking the crowd on a journey of curated choice music which most tracks will feature a disco theme but in a modern house music sound. This night is curated by me all night. One DJ to control the vibes for the tribes. ;)

What would you like for people to feel or experience at your event?

Happiness and good times. Get on the dance floor and get down! Peace, love, and beats! 

Ken is not only a music curator in the Birmingham area - he is an avid supporter of the creative community around him. It will be nice to see Urban Fabric behind the booth once again!