What's the Best Place in Bham to Bring a First Date and Why?

- Fancy’s on 5th because it is laid back, not expensive and lots of other things to do in walking distance.
Vulcan! Great view, walking trail, museum, gift shop - lots of conversation starters
- Sitting outside at
Back 40 Brewery! They have food and drinks and it has the best atmosphere. Nothing says love like a Bama Mosa.
Avondale area. Go see a show at Saturn, eat at Melt, dessert at Cookie Dough Magic, and then finish the night with a drink at Avondale Brewery or the Marble Ring
Chuys. The warm lighting at night, the atmosphere, and the quality food make it a perfect first date.
Blueprint on 3rd. Delicious food that is upscale but not absurdly expensive. If things go well, walk over to a brewery for an after dinner drink.
Gus's Hot Dogs - because you will know if your date has good taste or not!
Bottega Cafe. Good drinks, food and atmosphere. Can hang out at the bar or table and can hear each other
Top Golf, I play golf and this is where my boyfriend and I of 2 years went on our first date. We both realized how much we had in common with our love for golf. We go back for our anniversary each year.
Vino - very romantic.
Davenport’s Pizza. It’s fun, no frills and the energy is happy.
- Anywhere with outside dining.
Bottega Cafe and order her an Orange Thing

-Eating oysters and drinking Champagne at Highlands. How could someone not have a great time at the bar? I love experimenting with different items on the menu, but also love knowing what I'll order when I get there.

-Anything at the Alabama Theater! I always felt there was something so magical about it! So ornate and gorgeous. I feel as if I am stepping back in time when I enter the Alabama Theater. I still go to the Alabama Theater for their Christmas movie events. (Great dates, girls or family night ever)

-A drinking lunch. Planning a picnic in one of the parks can be great. But maybe too much of a production for a first date. Any lunch spot where some moderate drinking is welcomed is low pressure. And then you can see where the day takes you.

What’s Bham’s Best Kept Secret and Why?

- Martin’s BBQ in Cahaba Heights. Great food, great ice cream next door and wide open so you can spread out.
Ruffner Mountain - beautiful hiking, great programming for all ages (in pre-pandemic time), lots of educational opportunities
- I would say Bham's best kept secret is
Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar. The owner, Joe makes the best cocktails I have ever had. They are COVID friendly too!
- The food! There are so many unique spots to eat, international cuisine and southern gems. Some of the best barbecue and dessert in the state!
- There is a beautiful water fountain across the street from the
Colonnade that is a great place to sit for a picnic.
The Villages of Mountain Brook and the 18th Street Homewood shopping district. You can window shop, enjoy delicious food or cocktails, or take a long stroll in the quaint, nearby neighborhoods. This is Birmingham at its best.
The Brown Derby Bar & Grill - because it is the best party in town!
Bistro V-delicious and extensive menu and everything is always delicious
Red Mountain Park
Green Acres
Marble Ring
Sammy's Sandwich Shop - Airport Hwy. Best burgers in town.
T Bones in Southside. Their cheesesteaks beat any cheesesteaks from Philly!
Barbers Motor Speedway The Museum is amazing!

What’s the Best Place to Take Photos and Why?

- Red Mountain Park, the views are amazing and it does not take much of a hike to get to them.
- Any of the
murals around town - they were made for photo ops! So many talented artists out there making Birmingham beautiful!
- I would say anywhere downtown by the
murals. They are all so colorful and fun. Also there are some fun ivy walls around the loft district downtown.
Railroad Park! Though it's in the middle of downtown, it has a lot of unique spots with a variety of walls, greenery, benches, and textures!! Great for a walk as well!
- On top of
Vulcan. You can see the entire city from up there.
- Anywhere with a
view of the city.
Canary Gallery - the white and the yellow make for beautiful photos.
Railroad Park - industrial meets beautiful
- Up on
Creat road (and others) that overcook the city
Vulcan. Beautiful sight.
Birmingham sign on 20th street. If you go at the right time you can catch the sunset and sunrise in your pictures.
Five Points South - always looking good!
Vulcan, The Club, Oak Mountain-the views!
Vulcan Park, the topography and view of downtown.

-Station 121. I lived at Station 121 while I taught school downtown. I loved looking out my window and seeing the city!

What’s the Best Place to Meet New People and Why?

- Pick a park - lots of cool folks with dogs and babies are always out and about. Introduce yourself!
- Any of the local breweries makes it easy to strike up a conversation with someone.
- At Red Mountain park or any other park! Everyone from all walks of life are there for different reasons. There are dogs and kids and a simple hello or taking a water break or sitting nearby striking up a conversation with someone who may just be your neighbor!
- Zydeco. It's a great place to meet a new friend or two.
- Otey's. It's impossible not to meet someone new at this friendly local favorite.
- The Greek Food Festival - it brings people of all cultures and backgrounds together.
- Joining one of our amazing volunteer organizations
- Wine Loft. Enjoying a glass of wine.
- Breweries, we have such a diverse selections of breweries and people. Why not grab a beer and make a beer friend?
- Highland Park Golf Course - golfers become instant friends
- Lou’s Pub. Great people. A mix of all people. And for the most part get along.
- Baron's Game
- Joining a volunteer organization such as Junior League. It puts you in contact with people from all over the city.

-Anything out of your comfort zone! It's so easy to do the same thing day after day. Getting in a rut is hard to avoid. Trying a new bar or restaurant, joining a new group, starting a new hobby, playing a new sport can bring new people into your life.

What’s the Best Place to Relieve Stress and Why?

- Top Golf, get to take stress out some golf balls.
Birmingham Museum of Art - you can walk around (socially distanced), see beautiful and interesting things, and think about what it’s like to be at another place or in another time. And it’s free! (donations encouraged, though)
- The summertime is my favorite because there are so many waterfalls, creeks, rivers, lakes within 1-2 hours of Birmingham. Even a hike around the
state parks relieves stress too.
Birmingham Museum of Art! So calming, quite, and peaceful! The art and the layout keep you engaged and focused - shutting the rest of the world out
Red Mountain Park. Surrounding myself in nature has always calmed me personally.
A Ross Bridge Resort and Spa staycation! Unbeatable spa services, a beautiful pool, a gorgeous community, and wonderful nearby restaurants.
Highland Golf Course - 18 holes of beautiful golf in the heart of downtown Birmingham is tough to beat!
- Spectacular
hiking and biking trails-nothing relieves stress like exercise and fresh air
- All the many
outdoor trails around Bham
Oak Mountain State Park. You can let everything go.
Orangetheory Fitness Downtown! You can get a full body workout in just one hour instead of 2-3 on your own at another gym. From the coaches to the front staff you will always feel welcomed, like a home away from home. A bonus is you will feel absolutely amazing post workout.
Oak Mountain State Park - just look around and enjoy!
- By any
lake, pond or river. Just being able to hear water sounds is peaceful and stress relieving.
Railroad Park to just run, walk or chill.
- Playing in a
tennis league such as the local Soft Court league. It’s so nice to be outside playing tennis with folks from all over the city.

-George Ward Park. I love how quiet and serene it is compared to the busier parts of the city. I walk my dog here twice a day and get to enjoy the outdoors just down the block from my house. Not to mention walking around when the leaves are changing is simply magical!

-Bar hopping. Does this make me sound like an alchy? But when I'm stressed, I want to be with my friends and decompress. We usually start at Atomic and see where it takes us. Sometimes it's nice to try something new, and sometimes I like to stick to a Jack and Coke.