Research shows that a new bathroom can add between four to five percent to the value of your home. So, whether you’re looking to sell, or you just want a refresh, read on to see the top bathroom trends people are taking inspiration from.


According to a recently released report, here are the top 10 bathroom trends of the moment:


No. 1: White bathrooms, with a clean, simple, white design.

No. 2: Marble bathrooms – gorgeous and timeless.

No. 3: Industrial bathrooms, which include stripped back architectural details including the use of bare bricks, metals, and wood, including the use of salvaged and recycled materials.

No. 4: Wallpaper bathrooms, with bold and colorful prints especially.

No. 5: “Old and new” bathrooms, which combine the character of older and quirkier features with a sleek and modern look.

No. 6: Blue Bathrooms

No. 7: Spa Bathrooms

No. 8: Bathrooms with Black Accents

No. 9: Green Bathrooms

No. 10: Japandi bathrooms – a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics.

White bathrooms are the trendiest style of design, studies show.


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