It seems like every day there is a new beauty-related hashtag on Instagram, but one that seems to have staying power is #dolphinskin – a term popularized by celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips, who has worked with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Lopez, and Hailey Bieber.


What is dolphin skin?

Summon a picture in your mind of the friendly aquatic animal. What do you see? If you answered smooth, wet, plump, and reflective skin, that is exactly what the phenomenon of dolphin skin is going for. #dolphinskin has taken on a life of its own, meant to be used to describe a glistening, luminous, fresh out of the water makeup look, Phillips told beauty Bible Allure. This look – hydrated, dewy, radiant skin – has always been Philipps’ aesthetic, she said (and one that Gunn Dermatology can help you achieve).


“Your skin – but better”

The great news about dolphin skin is that it’s very achievable, even if you’re not Kim or Kendall or Jennifer or have a professional makeup artist like Mary Phillips on hand. We’ve heard dolphin skin described as “your skin – but better,” meaning at the core of this trend is really just you, but with extra attention paid to perfecting your skin so that it glows.


How to get dolphin skin

The number one key to getting dolphin skin is taking fantastic care of your skin, glowing from within, if you will. Dolphin skin is just as much if not more about skincare than it is about makeup application. Consulting doctors like Gunn Dermatology about how to shine without even needing makeup is the perfect first step to achieving the look.


It’s not complicated, doctors say

You want to optimize the rate of cellular turnover in your skin so you can not just look healthy and hydrated, but actually be healthy and hydrated. Cellular turnover, by the way, is a critical component to radiant skin. Consider exfoliation, which stimulates cell turnover – but before you do anything, consult a dermatologist like those at Gunn Dermatology.


Never forget your SPF

Protecting your skin with SPF daily is an absolute must when trying to achieve the dolphin skin look. You should stick to a minimum of SPF 30.


And get your sleep

We’ll say it again: The most beautiful skin comes from the inside out – what you put into your body and how you nourish yourself, through food, water, and especially sleep. You will be hard pressed to achieve the dolphin skin look if you are ragged, tired, and exhausted, running on too little sleep.


Next steps

After you achieve the basics of great skincare, make sure you prep your skin well through hydration and moisture. Because the whole point of dolphin skin is to look dewy, you can’t overdo hydration and moisture in your prep routine! From there, apply your base, being careful to avoid any mattes. Stick with dewy foundations, since this trend is all about enhancing your skin rather than slathering makeup over it. Key products to use while achieving the dolphin skin look include a good blush to add color back in, and a cream highlighter before finishing off the look with a loose setting powder. Make sure to hydrate, blend, and add powder where needed – all the while remembering that true dolphin skin is not based off of makeup, but fantastic skincare.


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