Handwriting is a lot like snowflakes - no two are the same! The style of each letter, the size of our writing, the readability of our words, and so many other factors distinguish each person’s writing as their own. Handwriting has been used to solve murder mysteries, understand historical context, and provide greater insights to the world around us. But did you know that in addition to these incredible benefits, each of our unique handwriting styles can tell us more about who we are? Many of us have heard about doctors having messy signatures, but the revealing truths go far deeper than that. Here are a few things that our handwriting shows about us. 

Right or Left Slant

You’ve probably paid attention to your handwriting before, but what about the slant of your writing? There is information for us in this detail so be sure to pay attention next time you grab a pen! Right slants tend to be written by those who like to meet new people, while left slants indicate a more introspective soul. 

Cross Your Ts and Dot Your Is

Two of the most famous letters in the alphabet can also reveal a lot about ourselves. T and I share a common phrase that helps children remember to complete the unique letters, and how this task is completed shows different personalities. A long-crossed t for example can be enthusiastic and determined while also stubborn. A short-crossed t may indicate laziness. The highness of the lowercase t cross may also be a direct correlation to the level of motivation found in the writer. How we dot our i also says a lot. A closed-in dot reveals a writer who is organized and pays attention to details. A dot favoring the left may indicate procrastination while an open circle for a dot shows playful tendencies. 

Size and Spacing

Size and spacing are two of the most influential qualities in separating one writing from another to the naked eye. Both are also great in revealing more about who we are. Large letters are often used by outgoing personalities, while smaller styles are used by more introverted parties. Spaced-out letters can show someone who prefers independence while crowded letters come from a more crowd-loving individual.

Rounded or Pointed 

While the computer may lean towards rounded when showing letters like B, D, and P that is not the case for every human writer. Some people are more likely to write these and similar letters with a point, which can indicate a smart person potentially holding in some aggression. Rounded letters often mean a creative person is behind the pen.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that we are continuing to write and showcase our wonderful selves. But it is interesting to take a closer look at something we’ve always done. 

Cover image from energepic.com