One of the best accessories to any good Halloween costume is the perfect accompanying hairstyle to go along with it. About Town chatted with expert Afsheen Ali at Homewood’s blo Blow Dry Bar to learn about all things Halloween hair (and even a little makeup!) and what’s on trend this year.


About Town: What Halloween hair looks are trending for 2021?

blo: Unicorn hair and makeup, gothic look, Lady Gaga, animal things (spider eyes, deer face, et cetera), Game of Thrones’ female characters, and anything spooky with heavy blood.


What are some tips to achieve these looks?

Depending on the look, use backcombing and a good texturizer like @unitehair Texturiza for volume and texture. Do a test run, or at least go over it with the stylist prior to the day of. And go easy on products.

What services does blo offer to help achieve trendy Halloween hair?

We are offering full face Halloween makeup that includes special effects and custom look makeup based on the theme. [We’re also doing] Halloween eyes only for those using face coverings or not, and Halloween hair. All services can be booked online.


What are typically the most requested hairstyles for costumes?

In the last few years we’ve created Day of the Dead, Marie Antoinette, Kim Kardashian, gothic looks, Cruella, Wicked Witch, a clown face with space buns, and many more looks. This year we are getting requests for bigger hair and grander, more unique looks.


Looking beyond just Halloween to fall in general, what hairstyles are on trend this season?

Definitely the classic blowout, which is our signature “Red Carpet,” and loose beach waves, which is our “Pillow Talk” blowout style. It’s super popular and trendy with all ages.


What about for upcoming fall weddings?

We also offer blo bridal parties by renting our space, and we offer hair and makeup services exclusively to all attendees. In order to pre-book, call 205-423-5575 or you can book online.