Fishermen in Alabama don’t have much to complain about. We are one of the most ecologically diverse states in the country with a plentiful amount of rivers, streams, lakes, beaches, and ponds to choose from. Birmingham alone has East Lake, the Cahaba, Lake Purdy, Lay Lake, Smith Lake, Logan Martin Lake, and more waterways in close proximity. But where does Alabama rank amongst the best fishing states in the country? Lawn Love did some research to celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 24th, and found that our state ranks a solid 14th of 50 when it comes to the top fishing experience. 

The site used a 22-metric system that centered around benefits such as the affordability of a fishing license in the state, the average proximity to fishing sources, community interest, and the availability of gear and bait shops throughout the state. Alabama broke the top five when it comes to fishing-gear stores per 100,000, coming in at number four. We placed even higher when it came to the number of Bassmaster tournaments with a 3rd place finish. Alabama was also found to have the eighth highest rank in regards to number of fish species. The results show that there are plenty of fish in the sea so to speak when it comes to fishing in our beloved state. 

There are plenty of great locations to turn to for a good fishing experience in Alabama. When it comes to bass, the scenic Lake Guntersville in North Alabama is a good option. There is also Logan Martin, Lay Lake, and Pickwick which is shared with Tennessee and Mississippi. Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Dauphin Island, and the beautiful Alabama coastline also provide great fishing that can’t be experienced in many other parts of the country. Redfish, speckled trout, flounder, whiting, pompano, and even sharks are prevalent on the coast - and bring eager fishermen from all over to try their cast in our wakes and waves. 

There will be a Bassmaster tournament at Pickwick Lake in Florence from November 9th through 11th. Next year will see Lewis Smith Lake in Cullman host two youth tournaments in March, a Southeast Region showdown at the Jasper end of Lewis Smith Lake April, a return to Jasper with a Kayak competition in May, and a College Series Wild Card tournament at Logan Martin Lake in Lincoln in June. 

As Too $hort didn’t say in his anthem with ‘Gettin It’ featuring Parliament Funkadelic, “You better get it while the fishing is good.” Alabama has plenty of locations to do exactly that, and it’s a great time of year to do so. 

Cover image from Pexels