As you make your plans for the rest of winter, they’ll likely include bundling up by a warm fire, ringing in the new year with those you love – and lasers?


Laser treatments should definitely be a part of your winter routine this year and every year, say experts at The Dermatology and Skin Care Center of Birmingham. Winter is what is referred to in dermatology as “laser season” – the best time of year to do laser treatments on your skin, since this is the time we are less likely to expose ourselves to the sun, says Leia Ferlisi, licensed aesthetician at The Dermatology and Skin Care Center. It’s the perfect time to undo the damage we have done to our skin in warmer summer months, where we’re outside more often.


The Dermatology and Skin Care Center offers five top of the line lasers to meet your needs during laser season and beyond:


1) Fraxel, which is laser resurfacing for fine lines and wrinkles


2) Morpheus8, which combines microneedling and radio frequency to tighten and lift the skin


3) GentleMax Pro, which has several functions, including laser hair removal – giving The Dermatology and Skin Care Center the capability to treat all skin types


4) Alex, which treats age and brown spots


5) Vbeam, which treats anything vascular or red in color, like rosacea.


“All of these require a consultation with Dr. Harper before treatment can be done,” Ferlisi says. “We want to make sure you get the best treatment for your needs.”


The Dermatology and Skin Care Center prides itself on its fair pricing and its comprehensive approach to skin care, offering patients the very best treatments for both medical and cosmetic skincare needs. Dr. Julie Harper and Dr. Scarlette Smith are both world-renowned dermatologists, and Nurse Practitioners Rebecca Edwards and Katie Tuck have over 25 years of dermatology experience.


“I think what sets us apart is that we want to make sure the patient is happy and we meet their needs by doing the consultations and being honest with the patient about the treatment from start to finish,” Ferlisi says.


Take advantage of laser season by booking your next laser appointment at The Dermatology and Skin Care Center now.


For a personalized consultation with Leia, call Dermatology & Skin Care Center of Birmingham at (205) 978-3336 or visit for more information.

Cover Photo by Healthline