Wurklife Clothing has become one of the Magic City’s most recognized fashion companies, but it took years of hard work, dedication, and a love for creation to get this enterprise off the ground. The company’s founder, Wurk Mane, started the company in 2014, and continues to come out with new releases that empower the wearer and enlighten the viewer. The Spring Collection will feature additions to their Goat Factory line and new Invest shirts. The clothing line will also have a pop-up shop on March 26th at 604 Bar & Lounge from 4-8pm. 

“The idea actually came about while I was heavy into music and whatnot. I had a song I put out that was called ‘Wurk’. It did pretty well and I stuck with it, you know?”, Wurk Mane (who performs music as Droop Dz) shares, “I stuck with it and in the end it just ended up being something that was synonymous with a company.” Wurklife soon became a network of creative-centered endeavors including Wurklife Music Group and Wurklife Clothing

The original intention of making shirts was pretty much to sell as merch, but Wurk Mane quickly turned it into a bonafide clothing line. “I just want it to be something you can wear, you can be proud of, you can feel empowered almost by it,” the entrepreneur shares, “It just represents business, it represents work. It’s wurk with a u because you’ve gotta work, nobody’s gonna give it to you. You got to do the wurk.”

Wurklife is spreading good vibes and thought-provoking messages throughout the city. Image from WSFP

The shirts don’t focus on crazy colors or anything too flashy–that’s not Wurk Mane’s style. The primary intentions on providing “more of a simplistic look that still speaks volumes, and it actually says something about you when you wear it.” He talks about the looks and discussions he gets when he wears his own “Invest” hat, and wants others to feel the same. Wurk Mane will come up with a concept, then get feedback from those around him. “I reach out to people. I like to get people’s advice,” Mane shares–then he gets to work on creation and release. 

Wurklife’s Carpe Diem release was one of the original best sellers, and has been followed by favorites like “Peace, Love & Wurk”, and “Invest” brand which has sold particularly well with sweatshirts this winter at one of Wurklife’s partner stores called Studio Clothing On 9th Ave in Bessemer. 

The numbers “87” can normally be found present in some form on each new release–which has an important meaning for Wurk Mane. “The year is my sister’s birth year,” he shares–and the entire Wurklife Clothing brand pays tribute to this great woman who sadly passed but clearly continues to motivate those who loved her today. “People like to focus on when people died and death anniversaries and whatnot, but I like to focus on when a person actually arrived here,” Wurk Mane shares, “This person that’s so special and important to you–when they arrived in the world. Focus on the birthdays, not the deathdays. So I put that ‘87 on everything.” Sometimes it will say ‘87 or unique takes like 2087, but the direct 1987 is the most often seen.

Wurklife and Avondale–it’s hard to get more Birmingham than that. Image and cover image from AJ

Between Wurk Mane’s new full-time job of being a father and the years-long pandemic, it’s been a couple years since the creative has been able to jump into these endeavors like he used to. The pop-up will be his first since the pandemic hit, and he plans to release some new music this year as well. “It’s almost like you have–I’ll call it COVID anxiety–so used to not being out amongst everybody, but the show’s got to go on,” the entrepreneur shares.

While it’s been a while since he immersed himself among it, Wurk Mane is proud of the Magic City. “I love that the city is growing. I love to see all the new businesses in the city. We’re growing and we’re in a really good place,” he shares, “The things we have going on here: we’ve got some of the best food out here, we have some of the best upcoming artists out of here, we have a lot of great clothing brands that are coming out here. Everything’s all original–it’s not something that you’re going to see somewhere else. I’m really proud of that.”

Wurk Mane is proud of his city, but he’s even more thankful for the support it has shown him. “I try to say thank you a lot more at this point in my life. Thank you, I appreciate it. Much appreciated,” the Wurklife CEO shares, “I look forward to doing much more–with the people.” From what we see, the people are ready to work with him as well. Something that makes our city so special.