Digital Content Manager

About Town seeks a part-time Digital Content Manager to prepare engaging feature content for our print and digital communications. We seek an energetic and self-motivated individual who is deeply involved in the Birmingham community and its social scene with a wide range of skills to join our team.

Responsibilities include staying on top of all the fun that's going on in the Magic City--the concerts, festivals, bar and restaurant activities, charity events. The Digital Content Manager will create exciting feature stories by curating information and images, writing text, adding links, and creating features to be included on About Town's website, email and social media communications, and print magazine. A baseline of skills is expected, including strong writing, in-depth knowledge of Birmingham, comfort conducting interviews, working with images and using a range of computer applications.

Hours are flexible and some work can be done remotely. Individual will ideally to report to physical building in downtown Birmingham at least two days per week with health and safety precautions in place. The job requires approximately 15 hours to be completed weekly.

About Town is an established 15-year-old hyper-local social magazine that highlights the fun and philanthropy of the Magic City.

To apply, please send resume with relevant work sample and availability to

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