2021 Poinsettia Ball

Alabama Ballet

The Poinsettia Men’s Club and Ballet Women’s Committee hosted the 54th Annual Poinsettia Ball this December at Vestavia Hills Country Club. Twenty-nine young women were presented by their families. After their presentation, the debutantes continued the evening with the traditional Father-Daughter Waltz followed by music and a reception.

Twenty-four junior debutantes were introduced to the ballroom prior to the Debutantes’ entrance. These young ladies were introduced on their father’s arm and then seated.

Melissa McMurray is the Junior Debutante Social Chairman. The Men’s Club President is Gary Smith. The Ballet Women’s Committee President is Ashley Stockard. Liz Guest is the Poinsettia Ball Board President. Jayna Southerland is the Ball Chairman. Kelly Troiano and Stephanie Whisenhunt are the co-Debutante Social Chairman who coordinated all of the debutante activities. The Benefactor Benefit Chairman is Stacey Gregory.

The Ballet Women’s Committee Board includes:

Sharon Maddox, Lianne Hand, Stephanie Whisenhunt, Tammy Towns, Kelly Troiano, Ashley Moran, Jayna Southerland, Melissa McMurray, Allison Herr, Sarah Bryan, Ashley Stockard, Loren Leigh Baggett, Cathy Donze and Liz Guest.

The Ballet Women’s Committee was founded in 1960 to foster and promote fine arts in the greater Birmingham area. All proceeds from the Poinsettia Ball went towards the support of the Alabama Ballet.