Poinsettia Ball 2021

Alabama Ballet

The Ballet Women’s Committee and Poinsettia Men’s Club hosted the 53rd Annual Poinsettia Ball on May 7th at Vestavia Country Club.   The Ballet Women's Committee was founded in 1960 to foster and promote the greater Birmingham Area fine arts. In 1968, the Poinsettia Debutante Ball was created at the proposal of Mrs. John W. Gustafson.  The revenue generated from the ball supports the Alabama Ballet. The Poinsettia Men's Club was formed in 1969 to support and promote the goals and activities of the Ballet Women's Committee.  The Men’s Club President is Mike Gregory.  The Ballet Women’s Committee President is Ashley Stockard.

Twenty-four debutantes were dressed in white gowns and carried bouquets of red roses.  They were presented at 8:00 pm in the ballroom to a crowd of family and friends.  These young ladies were nominated in the spring of their sophomore years in college and presented in their junior years. The debutantes included Harper Elizabeth Anderson, Emily Anne Beauchaine, Caroline Parrish Branche, Caroline Dawson Christiansen, Ellen Louise Farris, Sarah Hamilton Gladney, Katherine Alison Glenn, Caroline Elizabeth Green, Frederica Elizabeth Hecker, Lily Grace Henley, Rachel Aileen Lebo, Taylor Morgan McGill, Georgia Patricia Morros, Catherine Shelby Patterson, Nicole Marie Plaia, Caroline Marie Rice, Anna Jane Roberson, Mary Catherine Saville, Emily Lynn Taylor, Caitlyn Calloway Tyus, Anna Wynne Watts, Mary Evelyn Welch, Courtney Anne Westhoven and Sarah Michael Whisenhunt.

Eighteen junior debutantes were presented in red gowns and carried bouquets of white roses. The junior debutantes are seniors in high school.  The junior debutantes include Hallie Elizabeth Azar, Anna Catherine Bochnak, Greer Elizabeth Boland, Caitlyn Ann Burris, Adeline Elizabeth Carroll, Caroline Grace Cox, Kendall Nicole Dillon, Maria Kathleen Elliott, Anne Lauren Ermert, Catherine Anne Gray, Margaret Ann Green, Abigail Kathryn Mason, Madison Miller McGill, Addie Simms Roberson, Abigail Neville Stockard, Diane Claire Westhoven, Wesley Kellam Williamson and Gracie Katherine Yates.

The evening began with a private presentation of the Poinsettia Debutantes at the Benefactor's Dinner sponsored by the Men's Club.  The dinner was coordinated by Lynne and Donnie Dobbins.

Don Mosley of Sounds of Birmingham served as the master of ceremonies for the evening. Each debutante was presented on the arm of her father or escort to all the ball guests.  After a father-daughter waltz following the presentation, dance music was provided by Az Izz for everyone's enjoyment.  

The evening festivities were coordinated by Poinsettia Ball Board President Liz Guest with the support of Jayna Southerland, the Poinsettia Ball Chairman and Cindy Tyus, the Debutante Social Chairman.

Other board members helping the event were: Sharon Maddox, Lianne Hand, Stephanie Whisenhunt, Tammy Towns, Kelly Triano, Ashley Moran, Cindy Tyus, Jayna Southerland, Melissa Mcmurray, Allison Herr and Sarah Bryan.