S'Mores & Pours

The BridgeWays Junior Board hosted the 11th Annual S'Mores & Pours at Avondale Brewing Company on Thursday, May 11th. Guests were invited to enjoy the vibes of a boho-chic wonderland and get their groove on.

The event featured a delicious feast, amazing raffles, vendors, cool pop-up shops from local businesses, local artists showcasing their talent, live music from T.U.B (The UnKnamed Band), lights & sound by McDowell and two selections of Avondale’s finest brews!

The mission of BridgeWays is to instill a genuine sense of hope, purpose, and self-worth by connecting young people to their peers, their schools, and their families — and ultimately, to their potential as responsible, contributing citizens of their communities. Funds raised during this event will ensure that every child we serve gets the support they need to succeed in school, in work and in life.