Work On Your Physiq Day with Gunn Dermatology

Gunn Dermatology

Gunn Dermatology partnered with local fitness instructors and health and wellness companies to celebrate the launch of their new muscle building and fat-melting PHYSIQ device!

ABOUT PHYSIQ: Say hello to the latest advancement in body contouring treatments. PHYSIQ uses EMS to build muscle similar to Emsculpt but also destroys fat similar to CoolSculpting but with laser instead of ice.

It even tightens skin all during the same treatment. It targets those stubborn areas we all deal with without the surgery, pain or downtime. Sign me up!!!

The local fitness instructors included:

  • Vinyasa Yoga with Mary Frances of LifeTime Fitness
  • Pure Barre Pop-Up with Maggie
  • Body Blast with Anthony Davis Fitness
  • Full Body Mobility Training with Michael O'Neal
  • Core Blast with Kaci from Trifusion
  • HIIT Workout with Janet Fit to Serve
  • Yoga with Laura from Trifusion

The health and wellness companies included:

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