Throwback Thursday

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Become the infamous hashtag everyone talks about and give #TBT a life beyond the screen. All you need is a white t-shirt, felt letters and a bandage and you're done! (Make sure to walk around all night moaning about your thrown out back)

Beer Pong

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Bring the party to you with the beer pong costume! Be your own life of the party (literally) with a singles or couples beer pong costume. All you need is a black shirt, some tape, and red solo cups (ping pong balls optional).

Zoom Fail

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Business casual in 2020 really means wearing professional attire on top and pajamas on the bottom. We've all done it for an important Zoom call (because who even wears pants these days?). If you plan on staying in or going our this halloween this costume is perfect. Comfy and cute all in one!

Candy Wrappers

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So punny and so easy! Just tape that extra halloween candy to any jacket you want, then cut out your favorite rapper and take hi/her to your jacket, next put on whatever else you want to match your idol and you're good to go! (Plus, you'll have a snack with you wherever you are)


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Become anyone or anything you want to be! Pick your favorite emoji and grab the matching clothes you have in your closet and voila, you have a costume! It's so simple you won't be able to choose just one emotion!

Spice Girl

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Spice up your life by getting your friends and/or significant other and/or family together for this spice cabinet-meets-girl group costume. Always wanted to be a spice girl? Well not you can! All you need is a red shirt or apron, a red hat, and a printer to print out a spice label! Don't worry if you don't have time to go out and print a big spice label, just print one from home, stick it to a red shirt and there you go...spice girl!

Eye Candy

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Who's the hottie?? It's absolutely you! Just like the candy wrapper, eye candy is the same idea! Take any color shirt, tape some halloween candy to it, then tape some googly eyes and done...everyone's definitely gonna be lookin at you from a mile away!

Sports Commentator

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If your gooooaaaal is to come up with the easiest last-minute Halloween costume for an upcoming Zoom happy hour, we suggest superimposing a picture of your favorite sports team's stadium, wearing your go-to gaming headset, and going as a sports commentator. This costume requires no-effort except to change your zoom background. Live your lifelong dream with this super easy costume!


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Want to keep your distance while going out and not be touched? Just make a fragile sticker (it can just be written on paper) and wear it. Or you can buy stickers like these here. Stay safe this Halloween and keep from spreading germs by making yourself a precious and fragile package.

Bob Ross's Canvas

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This costume is perfect for singles, couples/friends, and even the whole family! No happy little accidents here when you decide to pick Bob Ross as your costume. For singles, you can be Bob himself or get creative and be the canvas! Wear a solid white or black or any color shirt, carry paint and a brush around and let people paint your shirt all night. For couples, friends and families, one can be Bob, one can be the canvas, one can be a happy little tree, one can be the squirrel...the possibilities are endless!


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It's no secret influencers are taking over. Why not live like them for the day and wear something super comfortable yet cute and stylish. This minimalist, yet chic athleisure look is super trendy and comfortable, and chances are, you probably already own something just like it. Take lots of pics on the night of, and don't forget to turn practically every post into an #ad.


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Forky may be trash but there is nothing trash about your costume! There are endless possibilities here for our friend, Forky. You can go all out and become Forky himself with pipe cleaners and more or you can simply throw on a red shirt, white pants, and make a quick face out of some cardboard or construction paper from the drug store. Be the toy you were always meant to be!

Instagram/Snapchat Filter

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Ever wished you could permanently become a least for a day? Well, I've got good news for you because now you can with no effort! Become whoever or whatever you want to be! Just pick your favorite snapchat or instagram filter, some paint, some paper, a fun wig, and live your wildest dreams. This costume is perfect for anyone and everyone! #nofilter all night long!


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Become anyone and everyone with printed face masks! If you plan on going out, this is a perfect cheap and easy costume. All you need is the mask and clothes that fit the mask. For example, wear a hulk face mask and then wear all green! The mask will do the talking (literally).

Shop Halloween masks here.

Party Animals

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Channel your inner party animal and let loose this Halloween! Dress up alone or with a group or your family as your favorite furry friend, grab some party supplies and ta animals! Even if you don't plan on leaving the house, you can still bring AND BE the party when you become the party animal. Celebrate the holiday and almost the end of 2020 and bring the party everywhere you go!

Boba Tea

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Perfect for singles, couples, friends, groups, and families! Dress up a boring, plain dress or shirt with polka dots! Then all you need is the optional straw hat. This can be made with construction paper found at most drug stores (regular printer paper may not be thick enough to hold). For families and groups, have one person be the tea and then have the kids or the friends be the boba balls, how creative. The possibilities are bobaoundless! Strut your stuff this holiday you cute teas!

Social Butterfly

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I don't know about you but I've been having serious FOMO this year. 2020 has not been nice to those of us who need to be out and social but now we can embrace it and take back our love of talking to people with the social butterfly costume. Find your favorite pair of butterfly wings, print out some social platforms (such as vine, instagram, snapchat, twitter, tik tok, etc), throw on some glitter and you're the social butterfly of the party that's been hidden for far too long! Even if you plan on staying in, this costume will still be the life of social media.

Smarty Pants

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Don't think too hard about your last minute costume, think smart with the super simple smarty pants. Be the costume genius this year, grab a pair of comfy jeans, tape some of those Halloween smarties on your jeans, dress up like a nerd/professor and voila, smarty pants! Anyone and everyone can get in on the fun of this costume, plus you'll always have a snack/treat with you wherever you find yourself this Halloween.

Risky Business

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An easy, last-minute, classic that I just had to include. So simple and so perfect for anyone. Throw on a comfy pair of shorts, some high socks, a button down, some black shades, and you're golden! Dress up like Tom Cruise this Halloween and celebrate all the movies we weren't able to see this year. No risky business here when it comes to this simple and classic costume. Plus, if you plan on staying home, you can recreate the iconic scene from the comfort of your living room for the rest of us out here wishing to go see a movie in person again.

Quarantine Baker

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The costume of the year...the quarantine baker. Did you even live through 2020 if you didn't bake bread and/or bake in general during quarantine? This costume is easy to accomplish with a fun apron and some essential tools, but bonus points if you do in fact make bread (or anything) just for the pics. Plus, you can carry around yummy treats with you all night wherever you find yourself this Halloween.

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