Spring has sprung, and it is wonderful. As the Indigo Girls said, “There’s something ‘bout the Southland in the Springtime.” We hope that you find these wines as delightful and delicious as we do. So open the windows, your mind, one of the bottles listed on this page, and your heart as you watch the smoke from your grill or firepit drift up into the great expanse. You might feel lucky, but you should. You deserve it.

We each chose a wine that helps us to enjoy the glory of spring. Come on down to The Pig and let us show them to you!

NV Pol Roger Champagne

When I think about Spring, my first thought is about renewal and growth. I decided to pick a wine that to me symbolizes rebirth. The pop of a champagne bottle is synonymous with laughter and enjoyment. The feeling of the millions of tiny bubbles signifying possibilities of a hopeful unwritten destiny. So, for those special moments no matter how big or small, gather your friends and loved ones to rejoice accomplishments accompanied by the perfect gift of Pol Roger Champagne Brut.

-Jackson Rhoades

2022 Chateaus des Demoiselles Rosé

As a father and husband, bearing witness to the changing of seasons has brought clarity through the years. Spring despite being unpredictable has a simplicity in essence. I suggest on the eve of one of those long hot afternoons, to sit back to enjoy Chateau des Demoiselles’ Rose. No matter where you are, take in the beauty of spring and pretend, you’re taking a sip in Provence!

-Jerome Crawford

2018 Cavallotto Barbera d’Alba, Vigna Cuculo

Ah... the arrival of Spring. There’s rain. There’s blooms. There’s pollen. There’s grass. There is the crack of the bat. Then there’s grass-stains. While your local concession stands may not include this incredible Barbera to enjoy with your ballpark dog, be sure to have a bottle (or case) or two on deck at home for those gourmet sausage and pepper dogs. Maybe save the second bottle pf Cavallotto Cuculo for laundry time.

-Jenn Ellison

2019 Peachy Canyon Zinfandel, Westside

Living in the South, it is a moral obligation to grill. One could, fairly, argue that grilling twelve months out of the year is part of our social contract. Grilling, especially if we go full BBQ, should also mean Zinfandel. And, for the love of Dolly Parton, Peachy Canyon makes some great Zinfandels. Grab this one, fire up the grill, and know that your duty has been met.

-Scott Atkinson