There’s nothing like testing the smartness of you and your friends compared to the expertise of random strangers, and Birmingham is full of wonderful trivia nights to assist with this worthy endeavor. It doesn’t matter what you think you know or don’t know–all that matters is that you’re ready to sit down, enjoy some good food and beverage, and have a blast with those that you hold most dear (or think are your wisest associates). Here’s a few of our favorite places to go for some light friendly mental competition. 

Mom’s Basement (Mondays)

Can you think of a better setting for trivia? We can’t! Image from Mom’s

There’s no place like home, but there’s one place that’s better. They call it Mom’s Basement. Patrons of the popular nightspot convene on Mondays around 7:30pm–led by a rotating list of hosts who bring their own unique questions and humor to the evening. The stakes are high with this competition: The winner walks away with a $50 bar gift card, 2nd place gets a $30 card, and 3rd gets a $20 card. Even if you don’t win, the darts, pinball, pool, and unique decor will help heal your broken heart. 

Cahaba Brewing (Tuesdays)

If winning green with your team doesn’t inspire you to play trivia, we are not sure anything will. Image from Cahaba/Challenge.

One of Birmingham’s most fun (and charitable) businesses in Cahaba Brewing brings the knowledge every Tuesday with Challenge Entertainment. The festivities begin at 7pm. Expect a wide variety of topics to be covered, and the top three teams leave with house cash! Excellent beer, mixed drinks, pinball, and delicious food provided by The Current make for the perfect weekday night out.  

Trivia with Reed at The Dip (Every other Wednesday)

It is highly encouraged that you get to The Dip when Reed is hosting trivia (and pretty much whenever you’re hungry). Image from Diplomat Deli

Reed Lochamy wears many different hats around Birmingham, including tennis coach and co-host of Birmingham Mountain Radio’s Oh Brother Radio with Will Lochamy. But every other Wednesday Reed fulfills his finest role yet–trivia host at Diplomat Deli. It’s a light-hearted celebration of community and smarts. The next edition is April 6th, and it’s advised to befriend Reed for hints at what to expect in each upcoming trivia night. 

Black Market (Both locations. Thursdays)

The bartenders may be evil but the trivia is oh so good at both Black Market locations every Thursday night. Image from Black Market

While Black Market boasts about being “Evil bartenders” everyone knows the food, service, and atmosphere found at both the 5 Points South and 280 establishments is tough to beat. This holds even more true on Thursdays, as the crew from Challenge Entertainment returns to host trivia at both locations–bring friends and get ready to enjoy a fun evening. 

As you can see, you could spend the whole week playing trivia in Birmingham if you wanted to. No matter where you choose to play–or who you choose to play with–the important thing is that you’re enjoying the little moments and maybe winning some free drinks! 

Cover image by Sean Benesh