It’s about to get chilly in Alabama, but those who live here aren’t nervous about the impending cold - we are getting our warm drinks ready! Whether we are going out for a night with friends or staying in to get all cozy with a movie - a nice beverage that ties the whole experience together. There are plenty of wonderful drink options to choose from in the fall. Here are a few of our favorites.

Hotty Toddy

It was a Hotty Toddy at Avondale’s Sour Room that sparked the inspirational fire that led to this article. It was a cold night after a great comedy show hosted by Wes Van Horn at The Upstairs at Avondale. The Luminarts Fire Jam was still going and I wanted to watch some of these flaming wonders on display, but I had nothing but a thin sweater to keep me warm - or so I thought. The Hotty Toddy kept me comfortably warm and in such great conversation, I forgot to go back outside to watch! As a Mississippi State fan, the name is painful to say but it is an excellent fall beverage - especially on freezing nights.

Old Fashioned 

Looking for a drink with a little flavor that will hit you with a warm and welcoming smack in the chest? The Old Fashioned is the perfect beverage to make this desire a reality. It’s a bar classic that allows each location to add its own signature flair if desired, and is fun to make at home as well. Get your orange peels and ice cubes ready, and have a nice fall evening with this great cocktail choice.


October is the month of beer, and porters are a reliable choice for a smooth and joyful drinking experience in the fall. Birmingham has an impressive number of breweries dedicated to making the absolute best in all beer forms including the delicious porter. Hop City is a wonderful spot to find some of the most unique and best-tasting porters found throughout the nation as well. 

Spicy Jalapeno Margarita 

Margaritas are one of the premier options when it comes to a refreshing alcoholic beverage, and restaurants like Rojo spice it up a bit with jalapeno options. This hot take on margaritas is wonderful all year round, but reaches an even higher echelon in the fall. Sip a great drink, enjoy the colors that come with nature in the fall, and take some time to enjoy a blissful Birmingham moment. 

No matter what beverage you enjoy most, the company you enjoy it with and the moments you make are what truly matter! But we really would recommend these four. 

Cover image from Unsplash