There are few events that bring such joy to a couple as date night. Every aspect of life has its ups and downs, and that applies to relationships for sure. But on date night we are alone with the one we hold most dear and everything is alright. Kisses, laughs, cuddles, and blushes all blend together to create a medley of feel-good moments. Each date night has its own personality - whether it’s a night on the town, watching a movie, or some other fun adventure. They can be relaxing, exhilarating, or something in between. Here are a few relaxed ideas for your next date night adventure.

Dinner and a Movie

What could possibly beat this classic combo? A delicious meal followed by an entertaining film is always tough to beat, especially with Birmingham’s premier dining options and guaranteed good watches like Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent currently showing in theaters. Cinemas like the independent treasure at Sidewalk (located below the Pizitz Food Hall), The Edge in Crestwood ($5 movies located next to New China Buffet II, Sushi Village, and more), and the AMC Dine-In Theater in Vestavia all have great eating options nearby.

Sip and a Stroll

A walk through East Lake or Railroad Park might feature the beautiful sound of a djembe thanks to YOGI DADA and friends. Image from Railroad Park

While a movie is great for a date, films don’t offer the ability to conversate like many couples may want to on their night out. Fortunately, Birmingham has many great options for a drink and a stroll all over town. Good People, Monday Night Bham, and more are all found a short distance from the blissful Railroad Park. Bars in neighborhoods like 5 Points South and Highland Park provide the perfect starting point for a night on the town. The soon-to-open City Walk Bham project is another trail-fille experience that will bring even more romantic evenings to the Magic City.

Picnic and a Blushin’

Birmingham's parks are great for a walk, but they are even better when you stop to enjoy them for a while. Picnics provide the exact amount of time necessary to make a Magic City memory. The series of parks in the Highland Park area are all great options, with another stellar spot being the small hill between the trail and the football field at East Lake Park (the perfect place for a sunset view). Another wonderful option is Vulcan Park, which contains our beloved bare-butted friend and one of the best views of the city.

Painting and a Snack

Turning your date night into a paint night is always a great way to liven up an evening. Image from Paintnics

Even if you don’t think you are good at painting, I give a Tim Majors guarantee (not worth anything in most stores but meaningful nonetheless) that you will enjoy yourself if you sit in front of an empty canvas and different colored inks with someone you care about and let yourself paint with no concern of talent. You can get guidance and supplies by attending a paint night with creatives like Paintnics or you can buy your own materials, order some local food to go, and paint in the comfort of your own home (or one of our previously discussed picnic spots). The choice is yours, and they are all great. 

Coffee and a Scone

There’s nothing like a quaint coffee shop to help two people get to know each other better, and Birmingham has quite the selection. Revelator, Domestique, O'Henry's, and more are all eagerly opening each day ready to help couples fall more in love. Scones and other delicious pastries (Hero Doughnuts at Domestique) only add to the romantic feelings.

Image from Unsplash