“It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” may have been written about the Christmas season, but if we are judging the most pleasant time of year based on the most enjoyable weather this title has to be given to the fall. Sitting on a Birmingham porch enjoying a great beverage at the perfect temperature is a joy that must be experienced to be fully appreciated - words and stories attempt to explain but still fall short of the paradise created in this dreamy scenario. If you’re going to enjoy the sensation for yourself you’re going to want to find the right establishment to do so. About Town is here to help. 

Back Forty Beer Company

Exhibit A on why you should get to Back Forty for an Alabama fall evening out. Image from Back Forty Birmingham

Birmingham is full of breweries that make the best-tasting liquids you’ll find on this side of the Mississippi or the other, but Back Forty brings some of the best-tasting foods to the mix as well - AND a wonderful outdoor setting right next to Sloss. If you want to treat yourself to a sensory overload of all things good, this is the place to do so. 

Carrigan’s Beer Garden 

Carrigan’s is a great time for outdoor eating all year - but especially in the fall! Image from Carrigan’s Beer Garden 

The Carrigan’s collective of restaurants has long been associated with great food and drinks in scenic spaces around the Birmingham area, and the Beer Garden brings even more of this in an outdoor setting. There are often DJs and bands playing great music on weekends and other occasions - which adds to the experience even more. 

Mayawell Bar

Mayawell is always down to make the season more festive - and tasty! Image from Mayawell

What’s better for an outdoor spot during the fall than a tequila bar that makes drinks to fit the season and has a magnificent mural in its back patio area to add even more color to your evening? Mayawell does all of this and more. The Mezon Food Truck is always on hand to make sure you have great food to enjoy with your drink.

Otey’s Tavern

Good drinks, food, and times meet at one location in Mountain Brook. Image from Otey’s

Otey’s Tavern has been a hangout hub of the Greater Birmingham Area for many years now, and continues to deliver the exact experiences needed to enjoy the perfect Alabama fall day. College football on multiple TVs? Yup. Live music to tickle your ear? Sounds great. Food and drink that’ll keep your heart and stomach happy? Of course! Get out and experience it for yourself if you don’t believe me. 


Now that’s a good balcony for sipping and munching. Image from Rojo Birmingham 

When it comes to great drinking and eating porches in Birmingham - you need not look further than Rojo. Their wonderful outdoor dining experience is located right across from Rushton Park in one of the most scenic parts of this city. The Latin and American menu options ensure that there is something for everyone, and the spicy margarita is a must-try! 

Vino & Gallery Bar

Some wonderful lighting and an art gallery as a backdrop make for a great dining experience. This image and cover image from Vino

How many establishments in the city can claim to have one of the best outdoor patio experiences and have an art gallery included in the establishment space? We can think of one - Vino & Gallery Bar. They happen to have incredible plates and alcoholic beverages which makes for one of the most enjoyable afternoons out to enjoy a Birmingham fall.