Fit 5 offers healthy and affordable prepped meals across the area.


Tip No. 1: Get started now. Most people overthink being healthy and, in turn, procrastinate making the change.


Tip No. 2: Make small changes weekly instead of overhauling your lifestyle overnight.


Tip No. 3: Plan, plan, plan. Set yourself up for success. Meal prep at home or use a company like Fit Five.


Tip No. 4: Find a partner, friend, or family member to do this with. Having someone along on the journey is super helpful and will keep you motivated.


Tip No. 5: Don’t quit or get discouraged. Many people quit before they can see the results. It takes time, so be patient and stay on track.


Tip No. 6: Don’t let the scale fool you. Many will let the scale determine success. When people first get back in the gym, they replace fat with muscle, so the scale lies to them. Don’t let that be you!


Fit Five founders and owners Paul Shunnarah and Brock Warren – both Birmingham natives – grew up knowing one another and both had deep backgrounds in health and wellness, specifically in the fitness space. Shunnarah and Warren, both longtime entrepreneurs, knew that working out was important, but it also mattered how their clients ate – and, after research, found that nowhere else in Alabama was offering an easy way for customers to choose healthy meals, select a pickup location, pick the meals up, and enjoy them. Meal prep takes ample time – as anyone who has tried to do this for themselves knows – and Fit Five was founded to be Alabama’s healthy and affordable prepped meal company, making eating right easier than ever.


“We put a plan in place, and four years later, here we are,” Shunnarah said.


Some of Shunnarah’s favorites? All of the bowls, he said, like the beefy Birmingham & Bison bowl, French toast, shrimp ‘n grits, five bites, and pork and greens – which are delicious and health-conscious, as well, proving that you don’t have to compromise taste and flavor for healthy and nutritious meals.


And, in addition to helping Alabama get healthy, the Fit Five team supports its native Birmingham by relentlessly giving back through its Fit Five Cares program. This program delivers free food to those in need like families that lost their jobs or houses during a tornado, nurses, doctors, and other first responders, and the homeless.


“Being Birmingham natives, we have seen the transformation Birmingham has gone through over the years,” Shunnarah said. “As individuals that want to see change, we have been a part of several different programs throughout COVID and our inception of delivering free food to those in need.”


And, speaking of change, if you’re looking to get healthier, in addition to signing up for Fit Five, check out some of their top tips from their team to help you begin your journey.


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