It’s the first week of March, and it’s starting with a bang. We’re talking art opening, concerts, and comedy shows - and that’s just one day. There is something for everyone this week. Punks and folk fans can both sway to their favorite jams. Here are a few of the events we are most looking forward to. 

Art Opening: Burgin Mathews / Lost Child Radio (Thursday)

Art, music, and preserving history. That’s a good night. Image by Lost Child Radio

Burgin Mathews is a man of many talents. The author and radio host enjoys creating wonderful pieces of folk art on cardboard boxes and similar surfaces. Burgin will have his art displayed in Rojo’s side room, with an opening night celebration taking place this Thursday. Mathews will also be providing some DJ services and sharing more about his new nonprofit, the Southern Music Research Center

Dawes at Iron City (Thursday)

Dawes and the Magic City are a match made in heaven - and heaven will be here Thursday. Image from Trish Badger Photography

There was never a doubt that Dawes at Iron City would be one of our top shows to see in Birmingham for the month of March. The band always plays a fantastic set when coming through town, and we expect yet another night of great music this Thursday night.

Star Party presents Rob Haze and Kenny DeForest (Thursday)

Rob Haze. Kenny DeForest. Chris Ivey. Wes Van Horn. The only person missing is you! Graphic from Saturn

Chris Ivey and Wes Van Horn have brought something special to Birmingham with Star Party. This series, which takes place at Saturn, brings rising national comedians into town alongside Magic City favorites. This month’s edition features Rob Haze and Kenny DeForest, and is sure to be a good time. 

Punk Night at True Story March (Friday)

It’s a stacked lineup for the March punk rock show. Graphic from Art By Burx

The first Friday of every month means one thing in Birmingham: punk night. Art By Burx, Hannah Ali Burx, and the rest of this punk organizing crew work hard to highlight some of the finest acts in the city to True Story each month. This month’s edition features Boss Rush, Pedestrian Unrest, Jay Dolla w/ Ricky Tate, and Deaph. There will also be a Newlyweds Bash concert hosted by the Burx collective at True Story on Saturday that we’d recommend checking out! 

Cahaba Night Bazaar (Saturday)

The creatives come out when the sun goes down this Saturday at Cahaba. This image and cover image from Cahaba Brewing

Cahaba Night Bazaar is back! Everyone’s favorite nighttime market has returned in full force. There will be music from Brotha Josh, Matt Bryant, and Cody Howell along with food from The Current and over 80 local vendors selling their unique goods this Saturday night at Cahaba Brewing.