Every week on Instagram and Facebook we ask you to send us your burning questions on a certain topic, and every week K. Kemsley responds with her best advice!

This week’s topic: dating.

You asked, “What are the best places to take a first date in Birmingham?”

Here’s what K. Kemsley has to say:

There are many places in Birmingham that put the "magic" in Magic City. Luckily, most of these spots make for the perfect date night. Here are some of my personal favorites and, don’t worry, I’m providing options for every budget!

Tier 1 | Budget-Friendly Babe

1) Dessert with a View

My number one suggestion for any budget-friendly date night features two things: sweets and an amazing view. Luckily, Birmingham provides a great selection of both.

For dessert, you have two options: a classic ice cream date or something a little higher end. For ice cream, run by Big Spoon Creamery, Edgewood Creamery, Mountain Brook Creamery, Neighbors, or Jeni’s! A couple of scoops of ice cream for two will run you no more than $15 depending upon your appetite.

For something a bit more bougie, pick up a pot de creme to go from Chez Lulu ($7.50) or a blackberry and lavender creme brûlée from Roots and Revelry ($8).

Next: the view. The best view in town is seen from Crest Road; however, this road closes to the public at night. Luckily, the next best view is at Vulcan. The park is closed at night, so the lower parking lot is your best bet for catching a good view.

Tier 2 | Feeling Light(s)

2) Appetizers under the Stars

The best date nights involve outdoor lights. Any seasoned dating professional can attest to this. For a little less traditional take on the candle-lit dinner, try going for apps at some of Birmingham’s best restaurants.

Vino in English Village offers great outdoor seating with amazing appetizers. Feeling a little more casual? Try out the elevated bar food at Carrigan’s on Morris Avenue.

Tier 3 | Perfect Pair

3) The Classic Combo

For those comfortable with spending a bit more, you will want to follow the most classic of all date formulas: dinner and drinks. In order to make the night memorable, you have to ensure you establish a vibe and stick with it.

My suggestion? Dinner at a high-end restaurant - try Bottega, Ovenbird, or Blueprint on 3rd - paired with drinks at a great bar - try Paper Doll, Collins, or stop by the rooftop bars at Redmont or the Elyton!