Drink Freshh Juice Bar has been serving a loyal Birmingham audience since the first moments Dameon Daniels began serving his healthy, filling meal options outside of UAB. This hard-work and passionate following has resulted in Drink Freshh’s first brick-and-mortar location, just a few blocks down the road from where it all began in 2018. They are planning to open at the beginning of 2022, and will be found right next to the Jim ‘N Nick’s in 5 Points South.

Dameon has always had an entrepreneur’s heart, and a passion for food. He spent years working at now-closed but forever beloved Silvertron Cafe, where he learned lessons that would become the foundation of his business later in life. “That’s where I really learned customer-syntristic type. How this one guy was not a franchise - he had regular customers and he took care of them. He always gave big portions and it was more of an inviting atmosphere.”

Dameon also had entrepreneurial experience from an inflatable company business he formed on the side of his main job for a few years, and found success with it. The city of Birmingham itself is on the list of former clients. These experiences came together to form the perfect headway when Dameon and some of his former coworkers were sharing their frustrations about not being able to find healthy eating options on their lunch break. 

That night, he went home and did the first of many nights researching the best possible way to fill this need for the people of the Magic City. Smoothies, cold presses, and acai bowls were found to be top options, which only made them more scrutinized by Daniels. “I’d leave my job at 8 o’clock and work on myself from 10 or 11 to 2 or 3 at night. Just coming up with concepts and massive research around it.” 

He reached out to mentors and industry leaders in Los Angeles, including healthy food truck pioneer Andrew McFarlane, for business and menu advice. It wasn’t long before he’d set up his own truck complete with a well-rounded menu crafted with the help of the nation’s top healthy eating experts.

Delicious and healthy things are headed to Five Points South early next year. Image from Drink Freshh

Top sellers in juice include the “Hot Summer” and “Clean Green” while the “OMG,” “Strawberry Joy,” and “Pink Panther” lead the way when it comes to smoothies. The acai, pitaya, and green bowls are a major attraction, with “Will You Berry Me?” claiming the top selling title. There are no added sugars or syrups to the menu items, and the truck is proud to only use ingredients that come from local farmers markets. 

At first Dameon could only operate Drink Freshh on his two days off each week, occasionally having someone else run the truck or even using an extra vacation day to get his healthy food out in the city even more. The business quickly captured the city’s attention, and Dameon would have to make a tough decision. “I got my baby business sitting right here, and I’m making someone else money. So I just decided to step out on faith and pursue my food truck full time.” 

The decision paid off. Mornings spent driving the city finding new customers have resulted in the transition to a permanent space in addition to the truck less than a year later. The location gives downtown fans a consistent place to pick up delicious meals and beverages while the truck can venture out to Trussville, Center Point, and all around the Magic City. Southside is where Dameon’s culinary journey started, and he’s excited to return. “It’s the center of everything,” he shares of the area.

While Southside claims part of Dameon’s heart, he loves every part of the city. Much of his attention goes towards the West End area and later the Lawson State campus he grew up around. He has a heart for “food deserts” –a name for neighborhoods that face a lack of access to easily available, affordable, healthy food. He hopes that Drink Freshh can take on the stereotyped and often unhealthy thoughts of urban and Southern eating by “trying to bring some enlightenment around health and community.” He’s been able to do so through multiple unique avenues, including a free smoothie community day with V949.

“Birmingham is a big part of me. I’m born and raised in Birmingham. I just want to see Birmingham do great,” Dameon shares – something that’s made easily apparent after just a few exchanged words with the rising entrepreneur. He’s excited to bring a community-focused juice bar and bowl shop to the people of Birmingham and thankful for everyone who’s shared a post, bought a smoothie, or passionately followed the truck’s every move. 

We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings for Drink Freshh, and happy to chase the truck down in the meantime.

Cover Image from Drink Freshh