2020 Domaine Riffault Sancerre

Global demand for Sancerre has been going through the roof while production levels have plummeted. The 2020 harvest was good, but demand is rapidly outstripping supply. The 2021 vintage was dire, with production only around 30% of a normal year. Maybe our favorite Sancerre under $30, it is $29.99. Get this one while you can!

2020 Chalk Hill Chardonnay, Russian River Valley

We know, we know, yet ANOTHER California Chardonnay. But this one, for $19.99, has everything you are looking for in a great balance. It has the fruit, butter & cream, oak, minerality, and acidity you seek in a Chardonnay from California, but none of the components overwhelms the other.

2021 COS Frappato

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” This is an excellent wine. It is a fresh, friendly, elegant red wine for $24.99 that has no business being this good for this low of a price.

2019 Auctioneer Cabernet

This is a “old school” Napa Cabernet crafted in honor of Michael Broadbent, the auctioneer. He was a Master of Wine and an incredible talent. This wine is refined, elegant, and beautifully balanced – in essence, the style of wine that made Napa Valley famous.