In celebration of national tequila day this Friday (07/24/20) and the increasingly warm weather, many people are looking to up their cocktail game -  in fact, OnBuy found there were 12,100 online searches for cocktail recipes last month (June 2020).

While many of us want to let loose and celebrate, there are some continuing to watch their weight. Not that anyone needs to, but has calculated how long it would take to burn off our favorite cocktails!*


The cocktail which would take the longest to burn off is the White Russian. The delightfully rich vodka and coffee liqueur cocktail is widely loved, but the added cream makes it 605 calories per serving, meaning you would need to run for 54 minutes to burn it off.

Following this is the classic Margarita. As tequila is its main alcoholic ingredient, those celebrating this Friday may be concerned to discover it will take you 47 minutes to burn one off - or they won’t care, it is a celebration after all!

The rich and delicious Espresso Martini comes in at third place. With 512 calories per cocktail, you’d need to run for 46 minutes to break even.

Espresso Martini is followed by the classic Long Island Iced Tea with 475 calories per drink, Daiquiri with 465 calories and Cosmopolitan with 433 calories. They would take the following times to exercise off the calories:

  • Long Island Iced Tea – 43 minutes
  • Daiquiri – 42 minutes
  • Cosmopolitan – 39 minutes

As a comparably healthy option, if an Aperol Spritz is your drink of choice then you’ll be able to burn one off in just 15 minutes! They’re only 170 calories per drink.

Other healthier options include:

  • Mojito (180 calories) – burn off in 16 minutes
  • Bloody Mary (200 calories) – burn off in 18 minutes
  • Piña Colada (400 calories) – burn off in 36 minutes