Fans of Guatemalan food in the Magic City can now jump with joy, as the good people at La Quetzalteca Xela are now set up with the perfect food truck to satisfy all of these flavorful desires. The trailer (which is mobile and can go throughout the community) now has a permanent home at the Shell gas station located at the Green Springs and Oxmoor intersection. It brings another nationality’s favorite dishes to what many would say is the Birmingham area's most diversely-tasteful road in Green Springs

La Quetzalteca has been around for a while now, but the exciting next steps of this new trailer and ideal permanent location give the restaurant, and hungry Birminghamians, a new consistency that’s important for Guatemalan-food lovers. Classics such as the chevere (a hot dog with cabbage, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and spicy green sauce) and the taco chapin (similar to your typical food truck taco with the addition of cabbage which elevates the meal to a whole new plateau) join chicken and steak tacos, quesadillas, and french fries topped with mayonnaise, ketchup, and spicy green sauce to ensure that every tummy who comes hungry leaves satisfactorily full.

We would recommend the entire menu (I did try just about everything myself after all - but can you blame me?), but one item everyone needs to try is the massive Shuco. This hot dog-based dish includes chorizo, guacamole, cabbage, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and spicy green sauce. The flavors mix together in every bit to create a medley of distinct yet complementary tastes that work together like the Justice League to save the day by creating the eating experience of a lifetime. 

The food truck also has their signature Elote Loco dish (corn on the cob covered in mayo, ketchup, spicy green sauce, and crumble cheese), Chuchitos (tamales with chicken), and the Mini Torta Xela (steak, hog dog, egg, onion, bell peppers, cheese, jalapenos, cilantro, mayo, and spicy green sauce). Fruit-flavored waters and fun seasonal menu additions like corn-covered in chili powder with pumpkin seeds add even more variety to this unique truck that is bringing important flavors to the Magic City. Their Facebook teases special traditional Guatemalan releases like bread served with sweet chickpeas, so make sure to give them a follow.

Guatemalan food has arrived in Birmingham, and we’re thankful that it's with such wonderful people and food at La Quetzalteca Xela. Y’all try them out, and keep finding new reasons to fall in love with the city you call home!