West Homewood is a uniquely close Birmingham community, and this feeling of comradery has only been heightened in recent years as a stellar collection of local businesses have opened up shop in the neighborhood. Seventeen families in this treasure of a town believe in it so much that they came together to create Neighbors, a community-centered ice cream shop that provides a great atmosphere for the entire family. 

The families all met through various coincidences over the years - from their kids going to the same school to meeting at a mutual friend’s house. While 17 families bring a lot of personalities, everyone shared one thing in common - a deep passion for their West Homewood neighborhood. This energy turned into something bigger when Michael Eady “threw it out there - how can we invest in our community? Some ideas were thrown out there, and one of those ideas was the ice cream shop.”

 It’s easy to feel welcome in this West Homewood ice cream shop. All photos by Ashton Scott.

The bright blue outside of the building prepares customers for the delightful ice cream experience waiting indoors. Flavors like lemon custard, espresso chip, birthday cake, and kid-favorite, Superman ice cream eagerly await the opportunity to make your tastebuds dance with joy. 

The sweets selection has led to an amazing reception since Neighbors first opened the doors a few weeks ago, but it’s not the only reason the community has shown them love. The simple fact that people who truly care about a neighborhood came together to elevate the entire community makes them easy to root for - plus 17 families means a lot of friends and family nearby are ready to support. “I’ve got an old basketball coach who’s been twice” shares co-owner Paul Simmons.

Neighbors is the perfect place to host a party.

The ice cream shop is across the road from Patriot Park, and right by other West Homewood favorites like Pizzeria GM, Seeds, and Ash. Parents can also host parties at Neighbors, which makes for a pretty sweet experience. They are also hosting a Scoop ‘N Scurry 5K in September which will be perfect for Homewood residents after all those scoops of frozen goodness.

The families are happy to finally have their ice cream shop open, but it’s just as thrilling for them to be a part of the “energy in West Homewood''. The community has shown that they are just as excited for this new hangout spot, and the love doesn’t go unnoticed. As Paul shares, “we know that at the end of the day that root of success is going to be the people that patronize our company, so we’re appreciative and look for more opportunities to serve West Homewood.” I scream, you scream, we all scream for some West Homewood ice cream. All you’ve got to do is walk over and ask your Neighbors!