2020 has brought unprecedented challenges across every aspect of life and work worldwide. Incredible people have risen to the challenge—pivoting, reinventing, reimagining and working harder than ever before. Birmingham’s non-profit leaders transformed annual galas into virtual gatherings, transitioned runs into races for runners to complete on their own time, and innovated new ways to raise funds and provide services to those in need throughout the Magic City. We asked our nonprofit partners to nominate the volunteers who helped them get through this year. We are proud to spotlight some of the individuals who played integral roles as Birmingham’s 2020 Trailblazers.

Name: Amy Kerper

Work: The Lollar Group

Charity: Laura Crandall Brown Foundation

Motivation: The foundation was created in honor of Laura Crandall Brown who passed away from Ovarian Cancer at the age of 25. Not only was Laura a close, personal friend of mine, but knowing that early detection can be the difference between life and death for other women inspired me to get involved. The foundation strives to honor her memory and fulfill her desire to help others battling gynecologic (GYN) cancer by focusing on early detection research, awareness education, and support services for GYN cancer patients and families. We want to give women the opportunity to fight it, to beat it, and to live!

What I Gained from 2020: Human connection is at the core of our survival. Families, communities, and friends alike have found new, innovative, and creative ways to stay connected, bond, and support one another. It is beautiful to see the genuine care we've shown one another, even for complete strangers. We are seeing the bond of humanity that binds us together in compassion and care for others acted out in its truest form.

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