Looking for a way to spend time with your kids doing something that they probably love to do? National Video Game Day is July 8th and will be a day full of strategy and sweaty palms. Video games can be an exciting, invigorating and family friendly activity no matter what type of genre you choose to play or what console you end up playing games on. The video game community is one that always welcomes new players to the lobby!

Ways to Play

In celebration of National Video Game Day, many organizations around the world hold gaming marathons, conventions, and competitions with monetary awards and chances to win exclusive gaming merchandise. These events are usually live streamed and in some cases, locally televised! For those who are not so involved within the gaming community, retro titles such as “Super Mario” and “Sonic the Hedgehog” are usually revisited as a way to remember an era of gaming which started it all. Games on mobile devices typically have exclusive features and sales in order to celebrate the holiday in a fun and inviting way! 

Let’s celebrate in Birmingham!

One way to celebrate National Video Game Day within the Magic City is to hold a bracket-formatted gaming marathon with your friends and family. Pair up against an opponent and challenge them to a gaming competition. The winner of each game will move on further into the bracket which means facing other winners until there is only one main winner. 

Another way to celebrate is to visit a locally themed gaming bar or entertainment center! Prices for these venues are typically reasonable with sales often being offered in celebration of the national holiday. With thousands of gaming titles made available, helpful and friendly staff - these places are great for large parties and members trying to introduce themselves into the gaming scene for National Video Game Day. 

Great venues within Birmingham include ePLEX of Birmingham and Press Start in Alabaster, AL. Both offer a competitive or recreational gaming setup which suits every skill level of gamer that enters their door.

Be a Kid!

Remember the last time you played a video game? It may have been today, maybe last month, or maybe you’ve never really tried your hand at video games. No matter the case - this holiday is a great reason to pick up the controller and spend some time with your kids. Video games have been around for over 60 years and show no signs of going away any time soon. So get involved this National Video Game Day and check out what local competitions might be taking place within your area. Your kids will thank you!