This year has been a doozy by most any measure. It is important that we take some time for self care. It is imperative that we treat ourselves. It is vital that we drink Champagne. Champagne has traditionally been viewed as a celebratory beverage. It is something we pop to mark an accomplishment, an anniversary, a birthday, an important event, etc. One could argue that making it through 2020 with a semblance of sanity is a profound accomplishment. So… TREAT YO SELF.

We have chosen to feature two Champagne houses. Others may be more famous, may market better, may have more perceived prestige, or may be more familiar. But these are two of our favorites.

Pol Roger – Pol Roger, like your local neighborhood Piggly Wiggly, is a family-owned enterprise. We are highlighting two of the many wonderful Champagne offerings from Pol Roger.

  1. The Brut Reserve also known as White Foil, is the “everyday” Champagne. To say that it overdelivers is an understatement of the highest order. It was served at the royal weddings of William and Kate as well as Harry and Meghan, if you are into that type of thing.
  2. Sir Winston Churchill is the best of the best from Pol Roger. Sourced strictly from Grand Cru vineyards, this 97 Point review from The Wine Advocate illustrates the stunning nature of this Champagne, “This is showing brilliantly, unfurling in the glass with a complex bouquet of waxy citrus rind, dried white flowers, freshly baked bread, iodine and honeyed yellow apple. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, powerful and vinous, with a deep and multidimensional core, broad structural shoulders and considerable concentration, girdled by tangy acids and displaying a youthfully frothy but incipiently fine mousse. The finish is long and intense. This is a terrific rendition of this reliably superb cuvée and well worth seeking out.”

Laurent Perrier – Laurent Perrier is our first choice for a Champagne. Not only is it one of the best values in Champagne, it is delicious in virtually every setting.

  1. La Cuvée is our literal “go-to.” We have this in standard bottles (750ml), as well as half bottles (375ml), double bottles (1.5L) , Quadruple bottles (3.0L). Even larger bottles may be quickly available upon request! Few things are as wonderful as popping a big bottle of Champagne when the occasion is right.
  2. Cuvée Rosé is just pretty. Champagne loves food, and this Rosé is madly in love with fried chicken. Find your grandmother’s recipe, remember all the many wonderful things about her as you enjoy this Champagne while fixing that chicken. Maybe teach the next generation? Share a glass if they are old enough. You should probably get two bottles. Actually, no… you should absolutely get two bottles.

By: Scott Atkinson, Wine Manager at Piggly Wiggly in Crestline