There is a literal Act of Congress declaring that we shall celebrate Thanksgiving. Seriously. Look up House Joint Resolution 41 from the 77th Congress in 1941. Say what you will about our elected officials, it is an incontrovertible fact that they got this right. Just think about it, an entire holiday simply predicated upon giving thanks. Nothing else. Just simply being thankful. The evolution of this day is pretty magnificent as well. We can all gather on the fourth Thursday of November and eat, drink, spend time with the most important people in our lives, watch the Detroit Lions lose, nap, and be thankful. We at Piggly Wiggly are thankful that wine has become an integral part of this tradition, and we are very thankful when you allow us to help you celebrate this incredible holiday. Thanksgiving, this most American of holidays, can be best celebrated with Zinfandel, the most American of wines. Here are a few of our favorite Zinfandel producers. A veritable Mount Rushmore of Zinfandel, if you will.



It all started in the 1940s when 14-year-old Aldo Biale helped his mother to make ends meet by selling to insider Napans -– along with eggs and produce –- some of the family’s homemade Zinfandel. Over the old “party line” phone system, the code words “a Black Chicken” signified a jug of bootleg wine…and kept nosy neighbors and the authorities from finding out about Aldo’s underground Zinfandel operation.



Even the most pugnacious critic of American wines will laud Ridge. Consistently regarded as one of the finest wineries in America, Ridge has always been an advocate for Zinfandel. While some may deride Zinfandel as a lesser grape, the geniuses at Ridge know the truth. Zinfandel can be a world class wine when correctly crafted. And Ridge comes correct. They are also the largest grower of organically certified grapes in Sonoma County. Ridge makes wine the right way, they always have, and they continue to do so.



An icon of the California wine industry, Joel Peterson’s name has been synonymous with Zinfandel since he began a “small side project” in the 1970’s called Ravenswood Winery. Peterson fell in love with the variety and set out to prove it could produce serious and age worthy wines. Peterson never slowed down after selling Ravenswood in 2001. Over the years, he has become an involved and beloved member of the California wine community, serving as the President of Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers, founding ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates & Producers), and serving as ZAP’s President twice. His original punch down tool now calls the Smithsonian Museum its home. With Once & Future, Peterson continues his legacy, utilizing the same methods upon which he founded Ravenswood all those years ago.



Joel Peterson’s son, Morgan Twain-Peterson, learned much from his father and mother. We all know that the next generation doesn’t always prosper in the family business. Morgan not only prospered, he forged his own path. He didn’t neglect the family legacy of Zinfandel, however. Bedrock is an apropos name for this stunning Zinfandel producer. Morgan has the Bedrock of his father’s expertise upon which to rely.


We are Piggly Wiggly are incredibly thankful for innumerable things. We are thankful for Zinfandel, turkeys, our family, and certainly for you. Thanks for giving us a chance to make your Thanksgiving better.

Cover Photo: I Love Wine