While it’s great to live in a city that’s internationally recognized as a food and beverage destination, it’s just as important that the residents have a broad selection of grocery options available. Birmingham’s unique marketplaces allow the city’s residents to create meals nearly as extravagant as our local, award-winning restaurants in the comfort of their own homes. Each store provides fresh foods that can’t be found at your standard Walmart or Target and many also have restaurants located inside to provide some tastiness while shopping. Here’s just a handful of these wonderful treasures found throughout the Magic City.

Hometown Supermarket (Mr. Chen’s)

Oh the wonders you’ll find on the other side of this wall!

As we’ve shared before, Green Springs Highway is one of the South’s finest food highways. Hometown Supermarket, along with Mr. Chen’s Authentic Chinese Cooking is one of the biggest contributors to this delicious utopia. The array of ramen, seafood, produce, beverages, bao, gyoza, and impressive rice selection are just the tip of the greatness at this location. Combine it with an aisle dedicated solely to African food, canned bubble teas, and more; and it’s hard to find a better one-stop option in the city.

Mi Pueblo Supermarket

A restaurant, bakery, snack shop, and supermarket all in one - tough to beat!

Right down the road from Hometown Supermarket is the magnificent Mi Pueblo Supermarket. Complete with a full restaurant in the back (buffet available as well), sweets and esquites (corn in a cup) up front, and some of the city’s finest bread options to the right of the store.  We caution you from entering when hungry!  An impressive meat selection joins aisles of other tasty options in making this supermarket - a can’t-miss next time you go shopping.

Gordos Market

The unique layout is only one fun aspect of this market-on-a-hill. Be sure to check it out!

A short drive from Green Springs on Valley Ave lays another fantastic market with a unique twist. Gordos Market includes a bakery, meat market, restaurant, and general store. Each section is its own space, but they are all connected through side doors that gradually take each customer up the hill that the market is located upon. Their tacos are wonderful, and be sure to try the lengua if you’ve never had cow tongue before! 

The Market at Pepper Place

This photo by Ireland Farms is just a sample of the freshness found at The Market in Pepper Place!

One of the city’s most fun weekend adventures, The Market at Pepper Place, provides Birminghamians an easy way to support the local farmers and businesses surrounding our lovely city. Dozens of booths of fresh produce are surrounded by homemade jams, pimento cheese, jewelry, art, and an endless supply of items ready to empty your wallet or purse. The market has its own podcast, blog, and more to help Alabamians support their neighbors beyond the weekend. 

Hop City Craft Beer & Wine

Beer, wine, and cool murals. What’s not to like about Hop City?

If it’s beverages that you're focused on, there is no better place than Hop City! Located in Pepper Place, this fun store provides every flavor of beer and wine that the mind can fathom. The rows of alcohol that can’t be found anywhere else in the city are only uplifted by the fact that a beer bar with dozens of draft options is waiting nearby to help you sip while you contemplate what to take home. You can even view the currently available draft beers online before you visit! Breweries also love to host tastings here, so stay aware for the next opportunity to sample some delicious ales. 

Have a Blast! 

The best part of every one of these markets is simply how fun they are to walk around and explore. You can certainly go in with a checklist of items you need, but it’s just as important to have some fun while shopping! No matter where you choose, you’re helping a local business keep serving crucial diversity to the city of Birmingham.