We don’t pretend to be cool, or hip, or dope, or whatever other word the kids are using nowadays. But we can recognize great wine made by talented people. In keeping with the theme of this issue, we are focusing on some of the greatest female-led endeavors in the wine world. Whether it be the Alsatian mountains in France, the rolling hills of Abruzzo in Italy, the Willamette Valley of Oregon, or a classic Napa from California… or even the crown jewels of Burgundy; these are some mouth-watering, and jaw-dropping, wines from all over the globe. Wines which happen to be crafted by supremely talented women.

Domaine Weinbach – It was in 1979 when Catherine Faller and her daughter Collette took over at Weinbach. They were among the first women to ever lead, and manage, a winery in modern France. In a few shorts years they took the well-respected wines of Weinbach and made them legendary. The wines of Weinbach, and the Faller ladies, are among the most highly prized and sought after bottles made in Alsace.

Tiberio – In 2008 Ricardo Tiberio handed the reins of the winemaking over to his gifted daughter Cristiana. Cristiana may be a farm girl from Abruzzo, but she is a brilliant winemaker who also teaches college level classes in the chemistry of winemaking. She also learned her craft in some of the most highly lauded wineries in Champagne (Jacques Selosse), Loire Valley (Nicolas Joly),  and Mosel (Egon Muller) among others. But her heart took her home. “You can only truly make a wine with the greatest expression of the place if you have lived there and really understand the climate and sense of the place.” Which is why you are most likely to find her in the vineyards with her beautiful Abruzzese mountain dogs.

Maysara / 3 Degrees – The Momtazi sisters are forces of nature. The eldest, Tahmiene, has been the primary winemaker at Maysara since she was old enough to legally take charge. She is a natural. It is quite astonishing, and rare, to have such skill and talent in winemaking at such a young age. The Three Degrees Pinot Noir is an unbelievable value, and a tremendous introduction to the talents of Tahmiene. This has been a favorite of ours year in and year out. We are confident that you will be impressed as well.

Snowden – Diana Snowden Seysses is winemaking royalty. Not only does she make the wine at her family’s Snowden winery in Napa, but she is also the enologist at the esteemed Domaine Dujac in Burgundy. On this side of the pond, the grapes from the Snowden estate are highly sought after by other Napa wineries, such as Silver Oak and Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, among others. It is pretty awesome to know that Diana gets to make wine from the best grapes, and she sells the rest. Over in France, she is responsible for Domaine Dujac. Not to mix metaphors, but if there were a Mount Rushmore of Burgundy producers, Diana and Domaine Dujac would be firmly carved in the granite.