Nature is a crucial part of our mental well-being. Fresh air, delightful visions, and beautiful smells come from our plant friends. These flowery friends bring brightness to our lives, which is an important feature to have in a workplace setting. Even the best of jobs has its stress factors and dull moments, but nothing that can’t be diminished with some calculated plant additions. But what plants do we choose and where do we go to find them? Fortunately there have been scientific studies into the best plants for an office, and Birmingham has plenty of shops that are great for finding them. Savoy Stewart recently announced their method of finding the top 10 plants for an office. Factors considered in the rankings included maintenance, air purification, susceptibility to disease, and more. Here are the results in order 1-10:

1st - ZZ Plant/Zanzibar Gem

2nd - Devil’s Ivy/Golden Pothos

3rd (Tie) -  Peace Lily and Baby Rubber Plant

5th - Aloe Vera

6th (Tie) - Rubber Plant and Corn Plant

8th (Tie) - String of Pearls, Spider Plant, and Kentia Plant

It often takes going in person to find the plant that is #1 in your heart. The Magic City is here to help.


Botanica is bound to have your next favorite office plant. Image from Botanica

Botanica seems like it has always been a part of the Birmingham plant scene, but the wonderful collection of shops only began in 2018. The downtown location showcases the positivity that comes with plants the moment you walk into the store, with whimsical wonders of all sorts filling the room. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of organizing your perfect setting, Botanica even offers Interior Plantscaping and Commercial Consultation services

Hanna’s Garden Shop

Hanna’s Garden Shop continues to provide the very best in plants to the Birmingham area. Image from Hanna’s 

Hanna’s Garden Shop has been a Birmingham-area staple since the 1980s and continues to provide top-quality plants for the people of the Magic City today. Located on Highway 280, Hannah’s is known for their wonderful selections year round - including Christmas trees in the wintertime! We’d highly recommend checking them out.

House Plant Collective 

House Plant Collective is quite an enjoyable place to browse around. Image from House Plant Collective 

If you’re looking for indoor beauties, House Plant Collective is the perfect shop for you. The Birmingham location is conveniently located between 41st Street and Lakeview, with their colorfully painted bus greeting customers from the parking lot when it’s not out traversing the town. The collective also has some amazing workshops for those looking to get more into the world of plants.

There are plenty of plants to buy and plenty of plant shops to buy from, so what are you doing still reading this article? Just kidding, thanks for supporting and enjoy your newfound plant-based joy.

Cover image from Unsplash