They say the stomach is the quickest way to a person’s heart, and Birmingham has lovers all over the world due to our fine Southern cooking. We’ve covered eating utopias like Green Springs, Lorna Road, and 41st Street in recent articles - but there are plenty of other top spots to discuss still. The Lakeview District, one of the Magic City’s party centers, is also one of the finest locations in the area to find a great meal to eat. There are multiple fantastic options in just a few blocks of buildings. We share a few of our favorites here.

Half Shell Oyster House 

The Lakeview location for the esteemed Half Shell Oyster House restaurant empire is one of the district’s newest openings, and it’s a welcome addition to an already stacked food neighborhood. Great variations on shrimp and grits, fish classics, and plenty of oyster options are found here, along with a great drink menu.

Hattie B’s

It’s all about flavor at Hattie B’s in Lakeview. Image and cover image from Hattie B’s

Birmingham loves some hot chicken, and Hattie B’s is the ultimate supplier to visitors of the Lakeview area. The restaurant’s heat ranges from Southern (No heat) to Shut the Cluck Up!! (Burn Notice), and their selection of Southern sides is just as spectacular. We’d highly recommend checking out this restaurant if you're looking to experience some great grub in the Magic City.

Jack Brown’s 

Jack Brown’s has firmly established itself as the top dog of the two big Bs that make for a good time: burgers and beer. The food leads the charge, with a truly unique menu featuring burgers containing everything from jalapeno jelly and cream cheese to their very hot “Shocker” sauce. The fries are also amazing, especially with the famous Jack Brown’s sauce on the side. If you go enough (and drink enough beers), you can even join the restaurant’s legendary Notch Club.

Los Amigos

Los Amigos has been a Birmingham fixture for years now, and really ramped things up with their move to the Lakeview District from the nearby Piggly Wiggly shopping center. Delicious food and great drinks sit conveniently at the corner of one of the most happening intersections in the Magic City. 

Purple Onion

A kafta burger after a concert is one of life’s most beautiful treasures. Image from Purple Onion

Few things are more important than having a late-night Mediterranean spot nearby to bring you food comfort in the twilight hours, and Lakeview frequenters received exactly that with the opening of Purple Onion on the corner across from Five and next to Moe’s Original BBQ (two other fantastic eating options). 

Ruscelli’s at Mojo

Air conditioning, cars, and pizza tacos are amongst the most important inventions we’ve ever seen. Image from Ruscelli’s

Mojo is already a fun late-night watering hole, but this Lakeview spotlight shines even brighter with the bar’s unique partnership with Ruscelli’s Italian fusion food truck. This partnership means that Birmingham has a midnight hour munchie spot that includes creative concepts like pizza tacos (yes, you read that right). Few things, if any, better showcase the power of collaboration.


Slice is a guaranteed delicious experience right in the heart of Lakeview. Image from Slice

I used to view pizza as an easy concept. One that lacked much thought even. But the minds behind Slice Pizza showed me that this meal can be a classy, creative, and quite the mind-blowing adventure. Their balcony provides a great view of Lakeview, if you decide to look up from your plate between mouthfuls of joy. 


Another one of Lakeview’s newest restaurants is Umami, which provides Asain-inspired cuisine, sushi, cocktails, and a lively experience that is sure to leave a good impression. Located in the central area of the district, Umami is a can’t-miss location that highlights the beauty of the Magic City.

These are only a few of the great options found in Lakeview (and throughout the Greater Birmingham metro). Believe it or not, things get even more delicious on weekend nights as food trucks like Taco Morro Loco and Cantina On Wheels come out to assist in filling up hungry bellies. Get out and try some great food, Birmingham!